The Hedgehog-Hobo War Against Evil was a four part story written by the creator of T3H Metroid Galaxy and T3H Zelda Galaxy. The story spanned a year-and-a-half writing period, and many of its traits, such as a mix of real-life people and fake characters, formed the basis for the humor of T3H Metroid and Zelda Galaxy. The story followed the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, along with many other characters. Many characters in the story were influenced, and even directly named after, people known by the stories' creator. The basic plot followed the main characters' adventures to stop a villain named Ultra, and his various henchmen. The original story was released in June 2004, the HHWAE II was released in November 2004, the HHWAE III was released in February 2005, and the HHWAE IV was released in June 2005. The references to pop culture and real world events also spawned the writing style of T3H Metroid and Zelda Galaxy.

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The Hedgehog-Hobo War Against Evil
T3H Metroid Galaxy - T3H Zelda Galaxy
Master Chief Sucks at Ordering
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