• Sonic - Bernard
  • Amy - Miss Bianca
  • Knuckles - Jake
  • Vector - Wilbur
  • Pikachu (from Pokemon) - Cody
  • Dr. Eggman - McLeach
  • Chomp-Chomp (from Mario) - Joanna
  • Misty (from Pokemon) - Cody's Mother
  • Rouge - Faloo
  • Dynas Blade (from Kirby) - Marahute

Quotes (Dr. Eggman's Death)

  • Dr. Eggman/McLeach: Get away from me! I whooped ya, I whooped down! You think twice before messing with the Dr. Eggman! (laughs) What? No! Aaargh! (realizing are towards to the waterfall tries to swims back, Chomp-Chomp waves goodbye.) NOOO!!! (Then goes to the edge on the waterfall.)
  • Sonic/Bernard: Don't give up, Pikachu!
  • Amy/Bianca: There! (Then the tree limb breaks will continue down the river when open the cage)
  • Knuckles/Jake: Hop on, Amy! (they fly towards Pikachu)
  • Pikachu/Cody: Help! HELP!! (then going over to the waterfall with Sonic, everyone disappears with all fours by the mists)

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