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Based on the movie The Lion King

  • Dumbo as Young Simba
  • Sonic as Simba
  • Alice as Young Nala
  • Sailor Mercury as Nala
  • Jafar as Scar
  • Shadow as Banzai
  • Sailor Mars as Shenzi
  • Bokkun as Ed
  • Team Rocket & the Settlers from Pokemon & Pocahontas as Army of Hyenas
  • Kenji Tskino as Mufasa
  • Ikuko Tskino as Sarabi
  • The Seven Dwarfs as the rest of Simba's family
  • Espio as Rafiki
  • Artemis the Cat as Zazu
  • Marge Simpson as Sarafina
  • Dawn Patrol Elephants as the rest of Nala's family
  • Knuckles as Timon
  • Genie as Pumbaa

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