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  • Sonic as Homer
  • Amy as Marge
  • Tails as Bart
  • Cream as Lisa
  • Cheese as Maggie
  • Muttski as Santa's Little Helper
  • A Cat as Snowball
  • Silver as Grandpa Abe
  • Blaze as Grandma Mona
  • Antoine as Moe
  • Jermone Wise as Krusty the Klown
  • Knuckles as Ned Flanders
  • Rouge as Maude Flanders
  • Decoe as Rod Flanders
  • Bocoe as Todd Flaners
  • Heavy as Lenny
  • Bomb as Carl
  • Charmy as Milhouse
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as Mr. Burns
  • Metal Sonic as Mr. Smithers
  • Snively as Nelson
  • Coconuts as Jimbo
  • Scratch as Kearney
  • Grounder as Dolph
  • Manic as Apu
  • Griff as Ralph Wiggum
  • Lucas as Chief Wiggum
  • Chuck as Reverend Lovejoy
  • Tikal as Helen Lovejoy
  • A Rabbit as Cletus
  • Sonia as Brandine
  • Mr. Tanaka as Snake
  • Espio as Principal Skinner
  • Nicole as Agnes Skinner
  • Breezie as Edna Krabappel
  • Mighty as Groundskeeper Willie
  • Ray as Barney
  • Alfred Bulter as Otto
  • Vanilla as Patty
  • Rouge as Selma
  • Captain Rescue as The Sea Captain
  • Big as Bumblebee Man
  • Shadow as Comic Book Guy
  • Danny as Sideshow Mel
  • Dr. Warpink as Sideshow Bob
  • Gerald Robotnik as Fat Tony
  • Mr. Tanaka as Frank Grimes
  • Orbot as Itchy
  • Cubot as Scratchy
  • Daikun as Old Gil
  • Charmy as Martin
  • Sally's Dad as Mayor Quimby
  • A Wolf as Disco Stu
  • E77 Lucky as Dr. Nick
  • Ari as Herb, Homer's Half Brother
  • A Eagle as God
  • Fiona as Homer's Mom
  • Naugus as Duffman
  • Zeta as Russ Cargill
  • Hawk as Yes Guy
  • Bean as Superintendent Chalmers
  • Emerl as Kurt
  • Dulcy as Lurann
  • A Robot as Kangs
  • A Robot as Kodos
  • Elias as Dr. Hibbert
  • Beta as Artie Ziff
  • Phi as Herman
  • Robotnik Jr. as The Music Teacher
  • Marcos as Dr. Foster
  • Athair as Professor Franks
  • Marine as Mindy
  • Sergeant Doberman or Sam Speed as Coach Kurpt
  • A Old Squirrel as Jasper
  • A Squirrel as Database
  • Bokkun as Rainer Rolfcastle
  • Lilly and her Brother as Sherri and Terri


  • The Hedgehogson Movie

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