The Helping Song is a YTV Spoof to the end theme for The Koala Brothers, starring Tai Kamiya, Ash Ketchum, Sarah Goodman, Rikochet, Shaggy Rogers, Virgil Hawkins, Zoey Hanson, Kara Perkins, Al Smith, Panini Kaye, and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs as the cast of The Koala Brothers.


  1. Tai Kamiya as Frank (Joshua Seth)
  2. Ash Ketchum as Buster (Sarah Natochenny)
  3. Sarah Goodman as Mitzi (Tifanie Christun)
  4. Rikochet as Ned (Carlos Alazraqui)
  5. Shaggy Rogers as George (Matthew Lillard)
  6. Virgil Hawkins as Sammy (Phil LaMarr)
  7. Zoey Hanson as Josie (Amanda Brown)
  8. Kara Perkins as Alice (Lisa Ortiz)
  9. Al Smith as Archie (Yuri Lowenthal)
  10. Panini Kaye as Penny (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  11. Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs as Lolly (Tress MacNeille)


  • (We open this music video with Tai ringing the triangle instrument)
  • Ash: It's the Helping Song!

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