The Herman and Sato Hour is an American animated television series produced by Howling Cat Productions. The series is created by John Kricfalusi (of Ren and Stimpy fame) and Wesley Chan (of Wong Fu Productions and Google fame). The series stars Kricfalusi himself and actor Justin Chon as the titular characters. The series aired in The Hub on July 30, 2012 and will be uploaded in Youtube daily on Justin's channel.

This is John Kricfalusi's first internet and television project without Spumco (his corporation which shutdown in 2005) and also, this is the first comedy series on The Hub.


Like Ren & Stimpy, this series focuses on the titular characters doing stupid stuff and features some fake advertisements and local comedies.


  • Herman Foik: An Austrian-American man who is the brains of the duo. He is mostly angered and seems to jump into massive conclusions calling Sato an idiot. He also seems to have an obsession with money and likely gets angry for no good reason. Creator John Kricfalusi provides his voice basing it off of Peter Lorre.
  • Sammson "Sato" J. Ling: An Asian-American dim-witted man who has a liking for childish attitudes and an adoration for pizza. He is the muscles of the duo and goes into moronic attemps at some reason. Justin Chon voices him giving him a distinctive Chinese accent but with a voice pattern of an amped up Larry Fine.
  • Mr. Horse: A character used in Ren & Stimpy. He is an anthropomorphic horse. Voice of John Kricfalusi.
  • Powdered Toast Man: A character used in Ren & Stimpy. He is a superhero toast-headed man who has the power to give people powdered toast (powder dust formed into toast). Legendary voice-over artist Gary Owens does his voice.
  • George Lyciur, American: A controversal character used in Ren & Stimpy. Intended for the show but the network balked at his name saying that he can be used but if his name is spelled differently, but it's still pronounces as liquor. He is a 100% American man who loves ruffing up critters and showing manhood, providing the gross humor of the show.
  • Nick: A self-proclaimed professional bully who has the same body shape as his father. Voice of Jeremy Shada (of Adventure Time fame).

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