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(The ocean appears on high land with a submarine and a deep rover underwater)

Narrator: In a recent solarscan on the ocean floor,

(A familiar laugh is heard with audio)

Narrator: scientists recorded a sound never before heard by human ears.

(The laugh turns out to be Hiro Hamada laughing)

Robert Callaghan: (screaming) Make it stop, Maui! Make it stop!

Tagline: From AnimatedFan195 Productions

Narrator: From AnimatedFan195 Productions.

Hiro Hamada: Who wants Krabby Patties?

(Everyone cheers for the Krabby Patties)

(Maui and Hiro scream because the formula is missing)

Hiro Hamada: The secret Krabby Patty formula! It's gone!

(An alarm is heard in the Krusty Krab)

Maui: Without it, it would be a complete breakdown of social order!

Dipper Pines: Aren't you overreacting a bit?

(The ocean of Bikini Bottom turns into an apocalypse with the humans taking over Bikini Bottom)

Maui: Welcome to the apocalypse. They will be like leather.

(Hiro, Ralph, Dipper, Maui and GoGo, with the help of the other humans, try to get to the surface)

Narrator: To save their world,

Hiro Hamada: I smell Krabby Patties from over there.

Dipper Pines: The surface!

People: Ahh.

Varian: All right. all secondary characters, come with me.

Narrator: They must come to ours.

(Hiro, Ralph, Dipper, Maui and GoGo end up in the beach of Tybee Island)

Hiro Hamada: Huh? What is this place?

Wreck-It Ralph: Maybe this guy knows. He looks smart, he's gonna buy this.

(Hiro, Ralph, Dipper, Maui and GoGo try to get away from the bikeriders)

(The cotton candy machine appears)

Hiro Hamada: Cotton candy.

GoGo Tomago: If you eat all that, you have enough energy to run around the whole world!

(Hiro and Ralph have enough energy to run around the whole world, but it turns out that the whole world has photos of it which made them faint)

Dipper Pines: What is that sugar gonna wear off?

Hiro Hamada: Krabby Patties!

(The Krabby Patty formula is now stolen by Tai Lung, who is making the patties for everyone)

Maui: What are you doing with me formula?

Tai Lung: You mean

(Tai Lung brings out the fences with ropes around it and a flag that says "Home of the Beard Burgers")

Tai Lung: "me formula"?

(Tai Lung brings out the cannonball guns from the ship)

(Ink is stepped on Dipper's feet)

Dipper Pines: It happens when I'm nervous.

Tai Lung: Attack!

(Hiro, Ralph, Dipper, Maui and GoGo try to get back the formula)

Narrator: The only way to stop a supervillain

Hiro Hamada: Let's take him down!

(They all turn into superheroes: Jack Frost (Hiro), Baymax (Ralph), Marco Diaz (Dipper), Marshmallow (Maui), Sawyer (GoGo) and Wooster (Robert))

Narrator: is to become superheroes.

Marco Diaz (Dipper): Look at me. I'm a god!

(Tai Lung throws a six-pack ring at Marco (Dipper), and he tries to get it out)

Marco Diaz (Dipper): What is this diabolical thing?!

(Judy Hopps takes a picture of Marco (Dipper) getting stuck in six-pack rings)

(Marshmallow (Maui) gets a boost, Jack (Hiro) and Baymax (Ralph) use water power to create a wave to stop Tai Lung)

(Ralph almost falls into death with spines in it)

(Tai Lung uses cannonball blast on Jack (Hiro) a lot of times, but Jack (Hiro) gets hurt by a cannonball)

Baymax (Ralph): Hiro!

Jack Frost (Hiro): Ralph?

Baymax (Ralph): Talk to me, buddy.

Jack Frost (Hiro): I'm seeing a bright light.

Baymax (Ralph): (moves away from the sun) Is this better?

Jack Frost (Hiro): Much. Thank you.

Title: The HiroBob HamadaPants Movie: Hero Out of Water

Narrator: The HiroBob HamadaPants Movie: Hero Out of Water.

Baymax (Ralph): Justice is best, soft served.

(Baymax (Ralph) tries to use two ice cream cones to make a thunderstorm to stop Tai Lung, but eats the ice cream cones anyway)

Jack Frost (Hiro): Maybe we should've picked a better superpower for you, Ralph.

Tagline: Coming Soon.