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(The island pans down to the ocean underwater with a pineapple under the sea)

Narrator: Deep beneath the world's greatest ocean lives a teenage hero unlike any other.

(Hiro turns on the water to spit out the soap)

Hiro Hamada and Wreck-It Ralph: Hooray! Bubble party!

(Hiro brushes his teeth and spits it out)

Hiro Hamada and Wreck-It Ralph: Woo-hoo!

(Hiro and Ralph eat ice cream way too fast)

Narrator: For years, he enjoyed a care-free life,

(Hiro and Ralph have some fun until that stopped for a moment)

Kai: Hey! Who blew this bubble?!

Narrator: but all that is about to change.

Robert Callaghan: By tomorrow, I will rule the world! (evil laugh)

Hiro Hamada: Well, good luck with that.

(Robert goes to steal Eduardo's crown)

Eduardo: My crown! (screams) Someone has stolen the royal crown!

Robert Callaghan: Who can stop me now? (evil laugh) Who?!

Eduardo: You, be back here with my crown in exactly 10 days!

Wreck-It Ralph: He can do it in 9!

Eduardo: 8!

Wreck-It Ralph: 7!

Eduardo: 6!

Hiro Hamada and Maui: Ralph!

(Maui strangles Ralph while he and Hiro attack him)

Wreck-It Ralph: 5?

Hiro Hamada: Ralph, shush!

Eduardo: 6 it is then.

(Hiro and Ralph go down into the poles)

Narrator: Now,

Wreck-It Ralph: What is it?

(The Patty Wagon appears down in the Krusty Krab)

Hiro Hamada: The Patty Wagon. Sesame seed finished. Steel-belted pickles. And under the hood.

Wreck-It Ralph: Wow.

Hiro Hamada: Yeah, wow.

(Hiro and Ralph get on the Patty Wagon to drive to Shell City)

Narrator: he will begin a journey to become a hero he was born to be.

(Lee and Nate are laughing)

Wreck-It Ralph: Are they laughing at us?

Hiro Hamada: No, Ralph. They're laughing next to us.

Wreck-It Ralph: Hooray for Hiro!

(Ralph accidentally destroys the manager show)

Tagline: Get ready

Narrator: Get ready

Robert Callaghan: Let's get it on! (eats popcorn)

Tagline: Big adventure

Narrator: for big adventure,

Hiro Hamada: Oh boy!

(Hiro runs to get free ice cream)

Wreck-It Ralph: How you doing?

(Giant Squid appears under the sand)

Wreck-It Ralph: Hiro!

(Giant Squid chases after Hiro and Ralph)

Tagline: Big trouble

Narrator: big trouble,

Margaret: Things have gotten a lot more since you left.

Hiro Hamada: Callaghan's turning everyone we know into slaves!

(Dipper, Joy and Oliver are turning into slaves in Robert's story)

Hiro Hamada: Even Oliver.

Oliver: Meow. Robert.

Tagline: Big twists

Narrator: big twists,

Hiro Hamada: Oh my gosh, Ralph! You have a mustache!

Wreck-It Ralph: So do you!

(Hiro and Ralph look at their seaweed mustaches)

Tagline: Big action

Narrator: big action,

(Hiro and Ralph go to the elevator, then run towards the edge of the cliff)

Tagline: Big surprises

Narrator: and big surprises when hero meets world

(Kovu appears)

Hiro Hamada: Who are you?

Kovu: I'm Kovu Hasselhoff.

Narrator: for the very first time.

Hiro Hamada and Wreck-It Ralph: Hooray!

(Kovu jumps into the air with Hiro and Ralph)

Title: The HiroBob HamadaPants Movie

Narrator: The HiroBob HamadaPants Movie.

(Te Ka chases after Hiro and Ralph)

Tagline: Coming Soon.