How It all began...

Back in 2003 Jareth Boyer was ready to leave Middle school, but he still wanted to find something that would get him noticed. He Read Bloom County and baby blues whenever he could get his hands on a news paper. So he decided to try making a comic strip. But Sadly Jareth was a poor drawler and could only do stick figures . His first idea was EHCO FORCE, a group of kids who battled evil and the supernatural.

Sadly he never could make a good story with it so gave up. But in the middle of coming up with new Ideas Jareth Realized something, He could come up with a comic where most of the characters were stick figures, and that would be the whole point of the strip. He Named it Sticks But due to it being to close to STIX, he changed the name to Sticks and Stones.

The Early Strips

Jareth’s early strips were drawn in small notebooks, cartoons usually took a whole page, but Jareth got the idea to split the page into 4 panels. As Jareth’s Ideas grew so did more characters. He started out with Just Jason, The leader, Sarah, The girl, and Eric, the lousy cook. But thanks to people he knew, Jareth Invented Ed, The Evil little monster, and Changed Eric to Alex (Also started killing him a lot).

From there Jareth made more characters like, Ash the chainsaw wilding Lawyer, Mr. SkullHead the grim Reaper, and to homage one of his Favored comics, he made Phil the Cat in the image of Bill The Cat. He made even more characters, even to this day.

So whats Sticks and Stones about?

Sticks and Stones takes place on the border of Alabama, and Mississippi, A small area of land that sits between the gulf of Mexico and the real boarder line. About 5 sq miles, This land is known as Gray county. There’s only one town in Gray county, and it’s called Sticksvill. Sticksvill looks like a normal place, but there are unseen things at work. Years Earlier The Grim Reaper cam to town to take a soul, but after a strange accident with his syth . He was disembogued. The result, A Hellmouth opens at the edge of the town, the hellmouth is a link between our world and the underworld (Recently renamed Deathland by the devil to avoid lawsuits by the Christian community).

With the Hellmouth open all heck brakes loose, Zombies Rise, Ghosts invade, monsters come out of closets and from under the bed, serous SH&%. But the towns people (Stupid as ever) stay with the town. Soon however fate brings 4 kids together. 1 wares a hat, 1 is a bad cook, 1 is a soup watching loon, and 1 wears glasses to hide the large scar over his eye that he got when he beheaded SkullHead.

Sticks and Stones is the story the these 4 kids who try to make it thought life wile… Fighting Armies of the Undead… Stopping Alien Invasions… Preventing the End of the world… And trying their best not to get grounded for something.

Becomeing a cartoon

Early this year Jareth decided a flash cartoon would be easier to get attention, Jareth immediately started turning his comics into scripts, but just as Jareth Was ready to start making flash cartoons, a series of mistakes and unforeseen problems prevented Jareth From making the cartoons. Till this day Jareth is still looking for a flash program, That’s free, and easy to use, so he can finally begin making his cartoons.

In the mean time Jareth Put this scripts on this wiki in hopes of people wanting to see his cartoon when it gets made.

Regular cast



Ed\Jareth Boyer


Mr. SkullHead


Alvin Comlix

Officer P. I. Gamming\Jareth Boyer


Zombie Jimmy Carter

Adam West

Mallory Comlix

Victor Skipper


Devil\Jareth Boyer

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