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Lilo Pelekai and her friends Stitch, Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, Cosmo the Seedrian, Minnie Mouse, Blaze the Cat, Winnie Woodpecker, Princess Peach, Zoey Hansen, Dora Marquez, Boots the Monkey and Princess Daisy were practicing for the Holiday Show. They were practicing their act. The song that they were going to do was "Run Rudolph Run!" Keoni Jameson, Lilo's crush, had this cool rock band that was going to play the song. The band consisted of Keoni on vocals and guitar, several other guitarists, a bass guitarist, a keyboard player, and a drummer. There was an acoustic guitar in its case. Someone was going to use it. Fiona Fox came from band practice and joined the others. She went to get her acoustic guitar so that she could play with her friend Keoni and his band. But Lilo, fearing that her friends would be in danger, took out her scepter, powered it up, and aimed it at Fiona Fox. Fiona headed toward her acoustic guitar, which was in its case. But, before Fiona could get it, Lilo zapped Fiona Fox with lightning from her scepter. Fiona was knocked to the ground by the lightning attack. A big fight broke out. During the fight, one of the boys got sick and he threw up all over the Holiday Show director, causing her to faint. Lilo got in trouble with the principal. As punishment, Lilo was told that she couldn't go to the winter retreat.

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