Hrodna castle plan XVII-XVIIIcc

A Typical Acuere Cathedral with living quarters and a main libary

The House of Acuere is one of the three main relgions in Lasting Sands

Relgious Doctrine

The Acuere Religion is the oldest religion in Sersex it advocates a life lived through the mind. Acuereians see life as a challenge to strengthen and economise the relationship between body and mind and eventually cut it when it has reached a specific stage. This 'cut' takes the form of ritual suicide. It is desirable to commit suicide at a younger age as it shows that you have become sufficiently enlightened and thus ready to leave this world at quicker pace than most. The basic foundations of the religion is in maths and primitive physics from the perspective that it primarily evokes your intellect than your emotions. The House of Acuere has many none fundamentalist scientists who contribute to Sersex significantly. The lessons are interlaced with various mental disciplinary acts that change thought history. There are however a few definitive ones that remain. A common one is to use the cold to destroy the body, this is usually integrated within a pilgrim.


The House of Acuere has always been linked to the ruling familys of Sersex and most of the leading males in the familys are tied to it. When the relationship between The House of Acuere and the Royal Familys had reached a moderate age they created a diplomatic alliance that served both well. Some argue that this has strengthened Acuere and it has become more powerful than the Royal Family and waits for a weak spot amongst a Kings rule to try and control sersex. This is unlikely as it is definativly symbiotic.

Controversy over Illitias Death

The greatest burden upon the already disdained perception of Acuere among the Sersexs residents was the death of Illita Ocset. It has always been said that it was carried out by a violent unaffiliated extremist group called The Phalanx Acumen who base them themselves upon the teachings of Aceure. However the most dominant view is that they are a highly specialised splinter cell of the original house who are used to gain control of Sersex. Illitia who was meant to guide and control Sersex until King Lylyac's children reached the appropriate age.

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