The Hub is a blackmarket Moto-Hub of sorts that the Xal-Fettk use for transport and trade.


The Hub was built when the Xal Company and Fettk Order mereged. Xa'Fa Lek managed to secretly link a Proto-Tube to the central circuit and bought two lightweight Hoverships. The entire complex is very small, with one hanger, a Proto-Control Room, two storage blocks, and some room for the members of the Xal-Fettk.

Inside "The Hub"

In the storage rooms there are many useful items such as Vahki parts, Toa weapons, Kanoka, Rohtuka, Zamors, Lightstones, Heatstones, Rations, etc. Every once in a while the Xal-Fettk will sell these in a market, but mostly they will smuggle them or use these items for themselves.

The Hub is protected by landmines that will activate as soon as an attack is apparent. For sneak attacks, each door is armed with Plasma Turrets, powered by stolen Toa Stones.