In brief

Name: The Human Alliance
People: Humans
Language: Varies from world to world, although the language of the system is Mandarin
Emblem: A black maltese cross on a red background

The Human Alliance is the largest, although the youngest, of the four main human factions in the galaxy. Founded in the ashes of the civil war that followed the collapse of the Jihad, the Human Alliance represented the first time Mankind worked together in the Sol System for nearly 5000 years.


The Overlords

The Human Alliance is ruled from a council on Mars, called the Overlords. It has representatives from each main body in the Alliance, including the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Technology, the ACGL, the Negotiators, the Mandarins, and

The Overlords make all the main decisions concerning Human Alliance actions, but the Alliance itself is so vast that they are incapable of making every decision personally.


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