The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Lilo & Stitch meets The Brave Little Toaster: Searching for Blanky and Lilo

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  • The Evil Clown: (laughing)
  • (Toaster crashed into the tub, and all gasped.)
  • Captain Phoebus: Aw, this is not good.
  • Blanky: Aaaaaah! Help me!
  • Lilo: Wait, Blanky, I got it! We're coming!
  • Blanky: Help me...aaaaaaaaaah!
  • Blanky: Toaster!
  • Toaster: Blanky!!
  • Stitch: Lilo!
  • Toaster: BLANKY!
  • Lampy: Blanky!
  • Frollo: We're coming!
  • Toaster: Where are you?!
  • Lampy: Blanky!
  • Frollo: Lilo, Blanky, where are you, guys?!
  • Toaster: Blanky!
  • Kirby: Blanket!
  • Toaster: Can you hear me?! Blanky! Blanky!
  • Quasimodo: Lilo? Lilo!
  • Kirby: The batteries gone dead.
  • Radio: We're trapped here like rats. Small little rats with no hair and one light.
  • Frollo: Uh-oh! Blanky and Lilo get in trouble!
  • Toaster: Blanky! Blanky!
  • Kirby: Blanket!
  • Cobra: Lilo! Blanky!
  • Kirby: Blanket! Where are you guys, you little wimp?
  • Radio: Lilo!
  • Kirby: Blanket!
  • Frollo: (evil laughing and thunder)
  • Stitch: Lilo! Blanky!
  • Nani: Blanky! Lilo!
  • Jumba: Blanky!
  • Toaster: Lilo!
  • Frollo: And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit! Ha-ha!
  • (The lightning-rod hits Lampy and a crashed by Lampy's bulb, and dragon roars, and Frollo screamed.)
  • Toaster: Lampy! Frollo!
  • Jumba: Magnificent! Ha-ha!
  • (Fade out... Fade in the morning...)
  • Toaster: Blanky! Blanky, where are you?! BLAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNKY-EEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Cobra: Where are you, guys?!
  • Nani: I'll fine you fool, let's check it out!
  • Lampy: Come on, you guys, speak up for Pete's sake! (electoronic coughs)
  • Frollo: Now where are you, you guys?! (coughs like water)
  • Toaster: No, no, just relax. You've done enough, we looked for him.
  • Lampy: Means I am feeling burned out!
  • Frollo: Means I just feeling defeated by boiling oil like the fire!


  • Toaster
  • Blanky and Lilo
  • Radio
  • Lampy and Frollo
  • Kirby
  • Lilo
  • Stitch
  • Nani
  • Jumba
  • Cobra
  • Quasimodo
  • Captain Phoebus

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