The Idiots Show
Genre Toilet humor
Black humor
Running time 10½ minutes
Creator(s) Roger Price
Starring Jim Cummings
Charlie Alder
Country of origin United States
Original network/channel ITV
Origional run August 17, 1989-June 27, 1996
No. of episodes 93

The Idiots Show is an American animated television series, which was first aired on August 17, 1989 with the last show airing on June 27, 1996. The series was created by Roger Price. The series features Mr. and Mrs. Idiots, a married couple, and their son, Sammy Idiot, based loosely on a highly unflattering parody of his parents and son and depicts them as ugly, loudmouth and brutally stupid. The opening is a parody of the hit '80's sketch comedy show, You Can't Do That on Television, which orignally aired on CTV in Canada during 1979-1990, then aired on Nickelodeon in 1981.

The Idiots Show first aired on August 17, 1979 and last aired on November 22, 1989.


The show follows the adventures of the Idiots, a ugly, loudmouth and brutally stupid.

The show revolves around Mr. and Mrs. Idiots, who have very different personalities, similar to The Odd Couple mixed with elements of Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello.


Main Characters

Mr. Idiot
Mr. Idiot (voiced by Jim Cummings) usually acts as the most stupid character on the show. He is a mean, grumpy, selfish, green-skinned man with a fearsome temper and a brain about the size of a peanut. He is greedy, insane, delusional, paranoid, violent and insecure. He suffers from misfortune, loves eating garbage, and peace and solitude and lives with his wife and son. His catch phrase is "You idiot" and "what is your problem you sick little monkey" variations thereof, harkening back a memorable quote by Lorre as Joel Cairo in The Maltese Falcon and Ren Hoek from the Ren and Stimpy Show: "You... you imbecile. You bloated idiot. You stupid fat-head you." Mr. Idiot wears a grey shirt with a red tie, and blue pants with brown shoes. As a running gag throughout the series, his first name has never been revealed; he is either referred to as Sammy Idiot's Dad.
Mrs. Idiot
Mrs. Idiot (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the nameless, dim-witted wife of Mr. Idiot with a fearsome temper and a brain about the size of a peanut, like her husband, Mr. Idiot. She is talkative, stubborn and bossy, talks alot and can be annoying to Mr. Idiot at times. Like her husband, she is also fat and eat lots of food. As a running gag throughout the series, her first name has never been revealed; she is either referred to as Sammy Idiot's Mom
Sammy Idiot
Sammy Idiot (voiced by Charlie Adler) is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Idiot. He is talkative, stubborn and can be annyoing to Mr. and Mrs. Idiot at times. Sammy's trademark facial expression is a blissfully ignorant smile with his tongue flopping out. He has a high-pitched, squeaky voice and wears a pink hat and a red shirt, and has blue pants and shoes.

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