The Final Chance

Brock: Due to my warp stone, Onix is revived after I'm finished. Ash, he is yours to command now.

Ash: Thanks. Before I go, I need to ask something from Misty.

Luccanio: That was foolish, he could have kept it to survive for 1 turn instead.

Placido: Never mind. Focus on Ash instead. He's the real threat. If our true powers could be used, I'd be the one to finish him.

Ash: Brock, Misty, you can count on me.

Jose: I see. Even though you know your path of destruction, you still don't give up. How pitiful between the so called bond between humans and Pokemon alike. I'll feed Brock's Onix with Machine Emperor Grannel's infinite power.

Bruno: Not good! If he uses Grannel Attack's effect, the excess damage will finish off Ash's team.

Jose: Grand Ton Cannon!


Ash: Looks like my Wave Wall magnets worked good.

Jose: Use, Attack Cannon!

Ash: Onix, return! Go, Pikachu!

Bruno: He must be going for Pikachu's Accel Synchro form!

Jose: I upgrade Grannel's left arm. Its power will increase! Go Gible, as Grannel Attack 3!

Aporia's appearance

Ash: Our bond as friends has overcome the final emperor and have stopped your delusive future. Surrender now whilst you still have Pokemon for use only as spare parts.

Jose: You sure you want to see your future come faster? Thanks to you, our Machine Emperor's cores are unable to battle and I've still have Skie and Wis.


Jose: Don't worry though. We or rather...

Jose, Luccanio and Placido: Aporia...

Jose: Will fix that.

Ash: Aporia? Jose: Now for us 3 comes 1 and a powerful 1 at that.

Placido: Alongside Jose, I get another chance to set things straight with Ash.

Luccanio: Let me in on the fun as well.

(Fusion Sequence)

Ash: What are you?

Aporia: My name is Aporia.

To be continued

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