The Ultimate Emperor

Aporia: My name is Aporia.

Ash: Huh?

One Supporter: What on earth?

Another Supporter: Is he a fourth Trainer?

Max: They fused?!

May: What is that?

(Fusion Sequence)

Ash: Wha.. What?

Brock: Who is he?

Dawn: He fused completley with his chariot?!

Misty: Looks like Yliaster has a few tricks up their sleeve.

One Supporter: Is he even a Trainer?

Another Supporter: How did he do that?!

Ash: What are you guys, I mean what are you?

Aporia: I am Aporia, the keeper of despair.

Ash: Aporia?

Aporia: This is my true form instead of those 3 simpletons. Ash Ketchum. Your incredible skill means you defeated Grannel as I predicted.

Ash: What?!

Aporia: Your actions have meant there is only one circuit to go. Even if you win, the circuit will be completed.

Ash: Not if I can stop you before then. Aporia: Since I'm 3 from 1 you'll have to face 18 Pokemon with your 6. Now Infinite Cube Prison has 16 counters, I remove 4 so I can revive Grande. You're about to witness the total dispair. Now I toss from the battle Skie, Wis and Grande to bring out the one and only Machinecle Infinity Cubic!

Ash: What is that thing?

Max: It is a ... Infinity type?!

May: The ultimate emperor.

(lighting strikes)

Misty: This is not good.

Aporia: I send Torterra two turns ahead as Grannel G3. By doing that, Machinicle leaves Pikachu exposed to being absorbed no matter what.

Ash: Pikachu, no!


Ash: AAAAAAAAAAahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Staraptor, give a hand here!

Aporia: Attack Staraptor with the Cube of Despair!

Child: AHHHH!!!!!!!!

Ash: No! Staraptor, use Sheild Wing! Run along quick!

Child: Right.

Ash: This is bad. The whole city is in this mess.

M.C: Oh! It looks like they plan to settle their match on the Daedulas Highway.

Aporia: Nieve! Machinecle's effect activates. Now I can take the Pikachu I absorbed and launch it right at Staraptor. Ready, aim and fire!


Ash: Oh man. Anyway, Pikachu, listen to this one blow. Pikachu regains half the battle strength that was drained to use your stupid cannon.

Aporia: You should also be relieved. Machinecle can't reabsorb the same Pokémon for another 3 rounds after this effect. Alsongside your destruction, a new future will arise!

Ash: A future can't be brought from destruction!

Aporia: You'll learn one way or another. The history that Yliaster will create! I use the effects of the Speed World Battle System. BY removing 7 Speed Counters, I revive Charizard back to my team.

Intense Fight

Aporia: Machine Emperor Machinecle lets me merge and send Charizard and a Machine Emperor part 10 turns ahead to gain their effects. With Wisel Attack 5's effects, when Machinecle attacks a non Steel Pokemon, your team takes the excess damage doubled.

Ash: But Pikachu still has Volt Barrier!

Aporia: Useless! With Wisel Attack 5, all protection move from Pikachu are rendered useless and are negated.

Ash: What?!

Max: No fair! Now Pikachu is exposed to that Cube of Despair!

Bruno: And judging from the excess damage multiplied by 2 from the battle, Ash's team will take a whopping 3000 damage!

Misty: No! If this attack hits...

Brock: Our homes will be erased from history. We've got to give Ash some extra support!

Aporia: How is it Ash? The experience of despair. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued...

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