A Close Call

Aporia: Machine Emperor Machinecle allows me to merge Charizard and one of the remaining parts 10 turns ahead and gain their effects. With Wisel Attack 5, when Machinecle attacks a non Steel Pokemon, your team takes the excess damage leftover doubled.

Ash: But Pikachu still has Volt Barrier.

Aporia: Useless! With Wisel Attack 5, all protection moves are rendered useless and any attempts will weaken Pikachu.

Ash: What?!

Max: No fair! Now Pikachu is exposed to that Cube of Despair attack!

Bruno: And judging from the damage calculation multiplied by 2, Ash's team will get slammed with 3000 extra damage.

Aporia: How is it Ash? The experience of despair.

Announcer: The Grand Prix final continues! Team Unity versus Team New World! Ash has revived Pikachu and made it so it can't be absorbed! But will it survive this next battle?!

Aporia: On this next attack, the Circuit will be completed. And when that happens, limitless energy will guide the Arc Cradle to impact with the Ener-D reactor on the monument erasing all the 4 regions within creating a future without despair.

Ash: How can I defeat the Ultimate Emperor? Machine Emperor Machinecle.

Aporia: Lets go Ash Ketchum! To a new future unless you can stop me somehow!

Broken Bonds

Aporia: Machinecle's ability kicks in. Each turn it can absorb an non Normal Type Pokemon and gain its strength. Your Staryu is once again mine Misty!

Max: Now its strength is even stronger!

Aporia: Machinecle allows me to merge Nidorino and Grannel Top. Now I send Grannel Top 5 10 turns ahead to absorb another Pokemon.

Misty: He can absorb another Pokemon?!

Brock: Onix! The situation's hopeless.

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