The Infinity Band

The infinity band is a english rock and roll band, formed in Ludhiana(India) on Christams eve, 2009. The band wrote and played most of their song. In the early years there were best known for their unique music around the city. They gained an early popularity by performing live number of times around the city. From 2009, the group consited Yuvraj Bains, known as Ub (rhythm/lead guitar, vocals, and songwriter) , Amapal (drums and lyrics), Abhishek (rhythym guitar and bass), Rajni

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The Infinity(rock

sh(keyboard) and Lakshay(Lyrics and Managing).

Rooted in Skiffle , Pop and Rock&Roll, the group also worked in many other genres ranging from modren Pop-rock to country and classical and created innovative music. The songwriting was earlier mainly in the hands of Ub but later Amarpal and Lakshay tried their hands on it and were e

ffective. Songwriting was mostly a collective task.

Initally a five peice band initiated by Ub and Amapal, comprised Raghav, Harsimran and Deepesh. The Band was names as HARDY Boys 24-7. But later with disbandment in October 2009, lead Ub and Amarpal to work for a new band called 'THE INFINITY BAND' , which they called a "Dream band". Followed by the entry of Abhishek, Rajnish and finally Lakshay into the band. The achived thier fist success with thier first single track 'Goodnight'.

The band was mainly impressed by the music of the legendry Beatles Band and Drake Bell. The theme of the band was centred around Drake Bell and The Beatles. During the studio years they created some other tacks in first year of band such as Sometimes; A misscall ; Goodnight ; Party time ; Lonely ; Fly my li'll bird; and few other tracks Cricket worldcup 2011.


Aged 13, Ub began with his music classes and was inspired by Drake Bell. He wrote songs and gave solo performances in school and was appriciated. Amarpal was his classmate and childhood friend. He played Tabla(indian classical instrument) and later shifted to congo's. They decided to perform togather at schools annual day party and this acctually lead to formation of the band. They practiced and seeked mutual understanding amongst themselves. They formed a pop band called 'HARDY Boys 24-7' with Raghav, Harsimran and Deepesh.Amarpal later turned to Modren drums. This ammature band laid more stress on practice and competitions. . As a whole Band didn't clear much competitons but indivially Amarpal and Ub were selected, but they declined. But later, due to argument amongst Deepesh and Ub the band disbanded and lead to formation of The Infinity. Ub met Abhishek and later Rajnish's talent impressed them. Lakshay's writing skills were helpful to them. Later they performed in the city and don't miss any opputunity on an event. Rajnish's entry in the band was a turning point in their music. He was into classical mus

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Band cheering up for the INDIAN cricket team on 29th march '011

ic and togather the band created something quite diffrent. They practiced in Ub's studio. The media was too musch impressed by their work and they gained in early publicity.


Their Work since the band formation

Goodnight (single) 21march 2009
A Misscall (Single) Feb. 2010
Sometimes (Single) April 2010
Fly my little bird(Single) August 2010
Party time(single) November 2010
Lonely(single) Febraury 2011
GO India Go (Hindi single) March 2011
De chokka de chakka (Hindi single) March 2011
And i cried April 2011
Mango Bites (melody) September 2010

Apart uploading singles on youtube and facebook, they performed a lot. Eg. Christams concert , school performances, Live to Infinity concert (whic was a great hit) and worldcup concert.

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