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Rokroro son of Karzahni

Once Rokroro was tired to listen at the tales the Matoran told him so he did go on an adveture,first off was Mata-Nui later he heard of the Comic-Land,Kotu and Rokroro was trawelling with some matorans named Onepu and Pohvu.They all started up making their own comics in the comicland. Rokroro did got some PGS:es,


1.Icemaster204 master of ice 2.Rocco toa of santa hats 3.Hyper Nuva 4.~HMN Toa of fudge~ 5.Krakash(He leaved BZP.) 6.Jade998(When Krakash leaved she took his place.)

later he searched for co-authors:


1.Darklight889 2.Creotoa 3.~HMN Toa of fudge~

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