While many factions of mages call NYC home, the most well known group is The Iridescent Alliance of the Pentacle Orders. According to official records, the Alliance was born on the eve of the British Conquest of the Island of Manhattan. Six cabals signed the charter. A charter that foreshadowed the American policy of manifest destiny. One that prophesied the growth of the Consilium with the expansion of the city. Unlike many charters, the charter of the Alliance makes some very particular demands. It offers a simple moral outline of how each mage should treat the city they live in. Of the six cabals that signed the charter, there is only one that still survives.
As per tradition, the council is governed by five. There is one councilor for each path, and they each have their own provost. Each path organizes, and they meet at the leisure of the councilor in charge. Although Cabals are often made up of people with multiple orders, each cabal is aligned with the order which most embodies their protocols.

The Council

Hierarch of the Consilli, Ash of the Cerulean Ring, Councilor of the Moros Path.

Arachne of the Cathardic Order, Provost for the Hierarch

Councilor of the Thyrsus Path, David of Solomon's Law.

Ishmael X of the Enlightened Nation, Provost for David of Solomon's Law

Councilor of the Acanthus Path, Pandora of the Sister's Wyrd

Eve of the Sister's Wyrd, Provost of Pandora of the Sister's Wyrd

Councilor of the Mastigos Path, Jin of the Tianshi Dao

White of the Subtle Whispers, Provost of the Jin of the Tianshi Dao

Councilor of the Obrimos Path, Michael of the Templars

Wu of the Disciples of Lotus, Provost of Michael of the Templars


Adamantine Arrow

The Caucus of Summer's Intent

The Templars
The Five Treasured Swords
The Storm lords
Sword of Zion
The Crips (Any Ideas for a better name)
The Bloods (ditto)

Free Council

Gibson Society
The Freed Men
The Panthers
Xtreme Light and Sound
Virtual Cowboys
The Twelve Celestial Beasts
The S.B. Boys
Donghak Peasants Army

Guardians of the Veil

For the last two hundred years, the New York Guardians have called themselves the caucus of Winter's Heart. It is in honor of the season that marked the arrival of the first guardian in the city which gave the caucus its name. It is also an allusion to New York's first and only Guardian hierarch. Winter.
The Black Hand
Subtle Whispers
Task Force 3


The Caucus of Autumn's End

The Sisters Wyrd
The Divide of Dianic Tradition
Numeric Order
Children of Dawn
Black Heaven
The New Romantics

Silver Ladder

The Caucus of Spring Awakening

Cerulean Ring
The Balance of Albion
Solomon's Law
Cathardic Order
Tianshi Dao
The Lost Generation
The Enlightened Nation
Uncrowned Kings
The Phenomena
The Morning Glories
Taiho Code
The Pride
The Latin Kings
The Humble Knights of the Black Rose
Hemlock Society

Mages of Importance

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