The Jambalaya Studios Gang was a television series that was created by Aja22.

About the show

From the creators of The Land of Teletoon and The PBS and Fiji Television Patrol, This show is about an leader named Justin (Jordan Francis) and his gang are get ready before the concert starts. Each episode features original music video. Theme Song is performed by Scratchpad Wikia Harmony Girls.


  • Justin (Jordan Francis)
  • Penny Proud (Kyla Pratt)
  • Sticky Webb (Orlando Brown)
  • Nate (Jascha Washington)


Season 1

  1. The First Concert
  2. Leave it to Justin
  3. Dance with Me
  4. Mirror On The Phone
  5. Music To My Ear
  6. Underwater Scene from the Music Video
  7. Turntable Scratching from the Hip Hop
  8. Beatbox Crazy
  9. How to Do the Underwater Scene
  10. Where Art Thou, Sticky Webb
  11. Disney on the Loose
  12. School Prom Date
  13. Turntable Stuff
  14. Music Video and the Underwater Scene
  15. Find the Disney Channel Shows
  16. The Final Concert

Production Companies

  1. De Passé Entertainment logo
  2. MuchMusic logo
  3. Bell Media Original Production logo
  4. DHX Media logo
  5. Sony Pictures Television logo

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