Welcome To The Collection Of Jedi Records. These records include several different codes, The main code of the jedi, and several different Truisms, Maxims, and more.

The Jedi Code

There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force.

This is the code of the jedi, gennerally known to all the jedi.

The Personal Codes

These are three gathered codes from three different jedi. I cannot give you names, but I can give you the codes.

Here they are:

Code #1 There is no ignorance, there is knowledge You must be insightful and try to understand the world that is surrounding you. Ignorance not existing is a misunderstanding. Ignorance is a part of life but it must not be feared. Even the foolish can be wise. You must use not only your rational mind but also your intuitive mind in order to ascertain the truth of a situation.

  Always be ready to go anywhere and face any danger.

Fear nothing but fear itself. When one isnt prepared, they find themselves stuck in a corner. Always be prepared to solve any problem or obstacle in life.

  Never kill a man without knowing for sure you ought to.

No man deserves death, unless they truely deserve it. Not by my standards, not by the world's standards, but for the greater good.

  Always have the will to act

Always strive for justice, even when it cannot be achieved. When the time comes, never hesitate to bring justice about a situation.

   Do that which you fear most, and you will find the courage you seek.

Never be afraid to try or do anything. Overcome your fears, make sense of them, and understand them. Always have courage, and never give up without a fight.

  No friends, no enemies. Only allies and adversaries.

Experience in life will teach you no one can be trusted fully. In this world either someone is helping you in life or blocking you goals in life. And you must know who is who. Allies will help when in need, and adversaries will make you become in need. Don’t view anyone as an enemy or friend, for there is no such thing.

  Always be polite. Especially to your adversaries.

Always keep your manners in check, and never stoop down as low as the darkness in the world. Always have honor and respect towards everyone you meet. This doesn’t mean you have to agree or side with them.

  Never complain.

Don’t make any excuses about anything. Know that everything happens to you for a reason. Instead of cursing the bad things, understand them, learn from them, and then move on.

  Vary your routine. Patterns are traps.

Never subject yourself to the same thing over and over again, where it becomes noticable. People prey on weakness in others, and becoming too predictable will make you weaker, especially in combat. Once you are too predictable or weaker, adversaries will find you an easy opponent.

  Never call attention to yourself.

Attention should be unwanted. It will only serve to make you more vain or feel bad about yourself, which will become a weakness. Calling attention can also mean calling adversaries to you for easy pickings.

  Imagination is your most important weapon.

Don’t be restricted by knowledge and basic tactics. Try to become colorfull in everything you do. The best knowledge comes not from books, but from the mind.

  Never break a promise

Never make a promise you cant keep. It maintains your honor. This includes paying back all and any debts.

  Have chivalry towards women

A man should never put his hands on a woman in harmful ways, or with the intent to do harm, unless a greater good can be served, or for their own protection from something worse. "It really gets my goat when guys rough up dames"-- quote from Marv(Sin City)

  Always tell the truth, even when lying.

Basically never tell a lie, but that doesn’t mean to tell the whole truth

  Never tell the whole truth.

Don’t give away information that can be spared. Sometimes your closest of allies can be the worst of adversaries.

  A favor is an investment.

What goes around comes around. Eventually you may need aid in the future, so give your aid as a favor, so that you may be prepared when the time comes.

  Watch out for things that go too well.

Looks can be decieving. What seems like a meeting may only be a trap. No plan can be executed perfectly. And if it does, then be on the lookout for bad luck. What goes around comes around.

  The things you own end up owning you.

Never become too attached to unneeded personal/material possessions, or you will grow to be dependent on them.

  It's only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything

Don’t become too attached to personal/material possessions. Once you know how it feels to lose your possessions, you know that without them you can still survive in the world, and they arent neccesary. Especially with material items that are unneeded to survive.

  Without pain, without sacrifice, you would have nothing

Life’s obstacles can only be overcome with sacrifice. Every action has consequences.

  Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.

The fact is that material possessions are not important and should be disregarded and not worried over. This is what civilization stands for: materials possessions and manipulating the consumer, us, to buy crap. Advertising has the world chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy things we don't need. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don't concern the world. What concerns them are celebrity magazines, televisions with 500 channels, and some guy's name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra.

  This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

No one is guaranteed life forever. You must know, not fear the fact that you will die.

Code #2 Knowledge is no longer power, it is survival Have confidence, not arrogance, for it will blind you One of the keys to power is patience Use your mind before using your fist Emotions are only words and what matters is the connection that they imply Analyze everything, you may realize something Utilize your knowledge of the past to assist in the future Mind over matter There is always a choice that has to be madeKnowledge is no longer power, it is survival Have confidence, not arrogance, for it will blind you One of the keys to power is patience Use your mind before using your fist Emotions are only words and what matters is the connection that they imply Analyze everything, you may realize something Utilize your knowledge of the past to assist in the future Mind over matter There is always a choice that has to be made

Code #3-The Sith Code

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

The Jedi Truisms

The truisms of the jedi:

"Titles are meant for those with the illusion of power, or want it" The meaning is kind of apparent.

"One who trusts in the Force only gains form the Force."

Compassion We, as servant of the weak, and defenders of peace, must show compassion to those we help, and protect. If we do not do such things, those we are charged with protecting will not trust us, and therefore, not accept our help. Forcing a person to accept help is something the Jedi should resort to as a last option only.

Detachment We must not allow our personal selves to get caught up in our dealings as Jedi. To do so skews the perspective of the person, and no longer gives them the ability to be truly objective. It is for this reason that Jedi are meant to be alone. This is why there is no plural for the word "Jedi".

Duty All Jedi hold a level of duty to those around them. Their duty is to the weak, the helpless, the defenseless, and ultimately, to the Force. All must recognise what their duty as Jedi is, and follow it.

Harmony The Jedi are children of the Force, and the Force is harmony. It is always in a state of balance, no matter how our limited view of it may seem. In that, we must follow the example given by the Force, and promote harmony in ourselves, our lives, and those we are responsible for.

Honor A Jedi must strive to understand true honor, and live by it. This is not the egotism known as "face". Losing face is often maintaining honor. To act without honor is to betray the training of those who brought you to this point on your path.

Humility To truly give one's self to the Force, they must learn to stay out of their ego, and sense of self. This is done through humility. Arrogance brigns one's view to themselves, not to the Force, where it belongs for a Jedi.

Knowledge A Jedi must never stop learning. Be it through commonsense methods, or through insight of the Force, one's journey for knowledge and understanding should never end. Never think you know enough, or you will find that you know very little.

Propriety All Jedi are charged with a level of propriety, and must keep it to be efffectice. To act of improper origin does only to remove one from the path of the Jedi. Proper mannerisms are needed to interact with other people on a personal and professional level. Be mindful of your words, and how you present yourself.

Resolve One must never doubt themselves in any action. Nothing is impossible in the Force, and thus, a Jedi should never doubt their ability to do anything. Hold resolve in training, and in time, all that is needed will be open to a person.

Reverence All Jedi should hold a reverence for life, for the Force, and for the world itself. To do otherwise betrays the gifts given by the Force to us all. We may be called to end a life, but we must never do so happily. No matter how detached we are from the death, it will mark us. Just because we can kill calmly does not change that someone died at our hands.

Under Justice:

A Jedi’s actions should always be seen as just, never selfish or irrational by others who are observing.

People will percieve what they want to percieve, you may be helping people along and someone will decide that by doing that you are trying to subvert their entire culture. Maybe this line should read "by others who are rationally observing" or perhaps as it is stated under honor, we should be worth of being seen as unselfish and rational by others observing us. Just a thought.


Jedi always strive to avoid physical conflict at all cost

Thats not totally true, a Jedi will defend him/herself or others around them. Remember, you can always choose to die rather than fight. Perhaps it should read "Jedi always strive to avoid physical conflict!" a few more words on how important it is not to fight is better than to rule it out only to suggest that it may be necessary a moment latter.


On the end of this, I would suggest also state "A Jedi does not however allow the need to show courage influence their own actions and is as on gaurd against this as he/she is against allowing fear to controll them." Remember, just because your showing courage doesn't mean your not affraid to be a coward.

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