• Elroy Jetson as Mr. Bean
  • Judy Jetson as Irma Gobb
  • Astro the Dog as Teddy
  • Rosie the Robot Maid as Lottie
  • Orbitty as Mr. Pod
  • George Jetson as George Grierson
  • Jane Jetson as Bernice Schimmel
  • Arthur Spacely as David Langley
  • Mr. Spacely as Kevin Langley
  • Mrs. Spacely as Jennifer Langley
  • Mrs. Meltdown as Alison Langley
  • Montague Jetson as The Male Celebrity
  • George's Mother as The Female Celebrity
  • Henry Orbit as Mr. Peggit
  • Fergie Furbelow as Hubert
  • Bertie Furbelow as Rupert
  • The Gripfather as Scrapper
  • Jack Star as Resturant Owner
  • Skata-Hara as The Wicket
  • Knuckles Nuclear as Teddy Bear Thief
  • Mugsy Megaton as Second Teddy Bear Thief
  • Elroy's Coach Man in No.3
  • Mr. Cogswell as Bully
  • Apollo Blue as Chef
  • Boom-Boom Basil as The Criminal
  • Teddy 2 as The Lobster
  • Agnes as Mrs. Wicket's Husband
  • Blinky Sunspot as Mr. Sprout
  • Jack Jetwash as The Librarian
  • Jupiter Juggernaut as Wild Alive Sunflower
  • Irvin as The Exam Student
  • Jimmy as Eddie Spangle
  • Gertrude as Monique
  • Bad Bart Blaster as Shoe Saleman
  • Teddy's Coach as The Laughing Man
  • Tiny Terror as Postman
  • Mangler Mars as Police Sergeant

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