• Elroy Jetson as Moe Howard
  • Orbitty as Larry Fine
  • Astro the Dog as Curly Howard
  • Zero as Nippy
  • Uniblab as Teddy O Hara
  • Mr. Spacely as Mac
  • George's Mother as Lydia
  • Lenny Laser as Mr. Harter
  • EmIly Scopes as Mrs. Harter
  • Skata-Hara as Sister Mary-Mengle
  • Mrs. Spacely as Mother Superior
  • George Jetson as Monsignor
  • Jane Jetson as Sister Rosemary
  • Judy Jetson as Sister Bernice
  • Rosie the Robot Maid as Sister Ricarda
  • Kenny Countdown as Gang Banger #1
  • Irvin Orbit as Gang Banger #2
  • Jimmy Orbit as Gang Orbit #3
  • Teddy #1 as Officer Armstrong
  • Teddy #2 as Officer Mycroft
  • Mr. Rocket as Ralph
  • Mac the Robot as Moe's Hip Executive
  • Henry Orbit as Moe's Audition Staff #1
  • Mrs. Meltdown as Moe's Audition Staff #2
  • Apollo Blue as The Situation
  • Fergie Furbelow as Ronnie
  • Mrs. Galaxy as Snooki
  • Agnes as Sammie
  • Jane's Mother as Jwoww

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