The John Horton King is an upcoming Movie Spoof from John Horton himself as he will star as a Main Protagonist of the Movie Spoof.


Wise God Torin- Mufasa

Wilbur Robinson -Zazu

Anubis Cruger(SPD)-Rafiki

Esme Cullen(Twilight)-Sarabi

Lioness: Various Princesses and Heroines

King Stefan(Maleficent)-Scar


Mikey(The Goonies)-Young Simba

Lilo-Young Nala

Vicky(The Fairly Oddparents)-Shenzi

Ice King-Banzai

Crocker(The Fairly Oddparents)-Ed

Hyena Clan-Various Disney and Non Villains

Riku: Timon

Hiro Hamada- Pumbaa

Me: Adult Simba

Sophie Madorsky: Nala

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