The Joshua Life is a fictional fun thing to read. Enjoy.

Week One

The Welcome

  • Joshua: Welcome to the Joshua Life.
  • Danny: Well one is taking away life, and one is taking away health.
  • Dorothy: Yes.
  • Carolyn: They want to.
  • Joshua: Jeh, hehe ha ha ha.
  • Danny: But it's like frankenstien you know.
  • Dorthy: Well his name is George Carlin , we wanted it for when omaha runed it.
  • Danny: Yeah.
  • Dorthy: I just don't understand that, oh shoot.
  • Joshua: He he he he hehahaha hahahHHa.
  • Joshua: Please pay atten-
  • Dorthy: Oh honey.
  • Carolyn: I wanna read this to y'all.
  • Dorthy: Well I don't care.
  • Carolyn: Vince Comb is looking forward to hazing midnight. Joel Amos said that The grids are backfired. The cold in Hartford reached the high of -19 with low of a very terrible -48.
  • Dorthy: Well that's awful!
  • Danny: That low and high?
  • Carolyn: Yes, at Alert, Canada, reached high of -67 and the worst of the low of -103.
  • Dorothy: (Gasps)
  • Carolyn: It was a new low record. And the coldest in 30 years. Soon, government was programing weather of horrid surprises. So an aircraft was programed objected. The end of program is near.
  • Dorothy: Oh will miss them.
  • Danny: Well they just don't care about whats coming.
  • Joshua: LoL.
  • Carolyn: Thanks for listening.
  • TV: Get Toyota Camery...
  • Danny: Toyota camery.
  • Dorthy: Omaha is doing it too for three days.
  • Joshua: Woot!
  • TV: What does the fox say? Ca cacaca...
  • Dorothy: He he ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Joshua: Ha haha ha, ca ca.
  • Helen: Oh dear.
  • Dorothy: Well it's Helen hearing the song and she's here! Ha haha haaaa. (Claps) ha!
  • Helen: Oh cut that off.
  • Dorothy: Oh jeahh! Ha hahaaa.
  • Helen: Well it's over all the sudden.
  • TV: Channel 4 is working for you.
  • Alan Frio on Channel 4: Much of the midsweet, oh, I must say the midstate is going the the lando this year. Police say a man... Him alone.
  • Dorothy: Uhh, that's, weak.
  • (Silent for 5 seconds)
  • Joshua: Hehehe ha ha hahahaaaahaa...
  • Dorothy: What's wrong with TV?
  • Carolyn: TV lost singal.
  • Alan Frio on Channel 4: ...oma is routing for the grid may go out in his president place. is very upset.
  • Helen: You don't say. Oh, got food.
  • Dorothy: What you get?

Helen: I got cassacate and baker brand bread. Helen: Well, gotta go. Joshua: What does the fox say? Helen: Had enough with foxy box. Just Dorothy: Foxy box. Ha ha ha, he he ha. Joshua: Throw a pill- Helen: Bye. Others: Bye. Dorothy: Foxy box, oh nerdy. Danny: Thats just crazy to me that it got so cold. Dorothy: Yes. (Phone rings) Dorothy: Hello? Samie on Phone: Are baby has been born! Dorothy: (Gasps) The baby is born. Samie on phone: It's Shopie the girl! Dorothy: Oh jeah! I was right. I was ri. (Laughs) Samie on phone: Wow you seem thrilled! Dorothy: I know! Samie on phone: Well I just wanted you to know. Dorothy: Ok, bye. Danny and Carolyn: Baby is born. Dorothy: Yep. Danny: Weather. Dorothy: First call then the weather. (Chuckles) Dan Thomas on Channel 4 Weather: ...Cold bit and wind chill warning coming tommorrow. Dorothy: Tommorrow. Oh no. Dan Thomas on Channel 4 Weather: ...What's coming is windchills way below zero. Meantime will have a low of 8 tonight. So will have a new etotional cause of high zero tempratures. So our seven day forcast will be quite weird. We do have special days coming up. Danny: Ok let's go. Dorothy: Phew wee. Joshua: Aww.

  • Danny: Well we gotta go.
  • Carolyn: Go and pack your stuff.

The Breaking News on Channel 4: The Weather Machine

  • Alan Frio on Channel 4: We are following a breaking news tonight, a man was controlling weather in downtown Nashville, it caused disaster to the city having a man to make it so cold, it made people run inside shelter. Channel 4's Julia Bruck joins us live with the big story.
  • Julia Bruck on Channel 4: That's right, Alan, infact the man was Christopher Goodwell that done it.
  • (Car sounds and people running on TV)
  • Julia Bruck on Channel 4 Speaker: The cold was horrifying, it reached -35°F in the area. Infact it was a crowd today of people staying warm in shelter.

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