The Journey to Fake Land is an upcoming movie and ArdamanRocks 12th, movie.


A girl named Marline wishe's for other parents and goes through a secret door to other parents of her own kind. But it soon turns to be worse.


Rayah as Marlene.

Shaketa as Marlene's mom.

Cousin Veronica, Ieasha or Ms. Kim will play Ellie.

By: Roc.


1:If Marlene would'nt have wished for parents the door would've been nothing but empty and  a gateway to a zoo.

2: The other doctor: Ellie's last words are I'll die without you wich that was not true but the doctor was still alive although alone. 

3: When Marlene close's the door on the doctor's chin it was hurt. 

4: When Marlene leaves and goes back to the real world that  meant the doctor is still alone. She did'n seem to bother Marlene any longer.

5: When the glove tries to grab Marlene it's possible that Ellie banged on the door.

6: To keep Ellie from returning Marlene puts a key down a wishing well wich travels to the wall and a box blocks Ellie from returning.

By: Roc.

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