The Jr. Pac-Man Saga is a new Pac-Man video game that released in December 28, 2012.

Bonus Items

Trike: 100 points

Kite: 200 points

Drum: 300 points

Balloon: 500 points

Train Engine: 700 points

Cat: 1000 points

Root Beer: 2000 points

Baby Bottle: 3000 points

Baby Rattle: 5000 points

Skateboard: 6000 points

Chocolate-chip Cookie: 7000 points

Baby Pacifier: 8000 points

Rag Doll: 9000 points

Pogo Stick: 10000 points


  1. Jr. Meets Yum-Yum: Jr. Pac-Man walks outside to play and sees a small red female ghost, whom Blinky named Yum-Yum. She has a tiny white bow on her head and really proceeds to love Jr. Pac-Man, but Blinky furiously wants to chase Jr. away. Ms. Pac-Man rushes outside and eats a power pill, turning Blinky and Yum-Yum into blue ghosts, then Jr. Pac-Man goes back inside with Ms. Pac-Man. This intermission is played after round 1.
  2. The Gift: Jr. Pac-Man finds Yum-Yum standing on a little bridge and he gives her a red balloon as a gift. Yum-Yum anixously accepts the balloon, but Blinky secretly watches the youngsters from behind a nearby bush. This intermission is played after round 3.
  3. They Escape!: Blinky jumps out to attack Jr., causing Yum-Yum to let go of the balloon, as Blinky proceeds to capture Jr., Ms. Pac-Man arrives again to rescue her son, then Blinky chases her away. When Jr. Pac-Man and Yum-Yum escape, they fall in love, with little hearts around them. This intermission is played after round 5.
  4. The Pac-Triplets: Ms. Pac-Man is pregnant. Pac-Man takes her to the hospital. At the hospital, the Pac-Doctor arrives. He tells Ms. Pac-Man how to push her stomach. A few minutes later, the Pac-Triplets are out of Ms. Pac-Man's stomach. Their names are Pac-Goo, Pac-Giggle, and Pac-Pookie. Jr. Pac-Man arrives and gives the Pac-Triplets three baby bottles. The Pac-Triplets drink up their bottles very quickly. This intermission is played after round 7.
  5. Dinky Returns: Pac-Goo, Pac-Giggle, and Pac-Pookie all see Inky's son. His name is Dinky with a red-and-green-striped baseball cap on his head. The Pac-Triplets all cry very loudly and Ms. Pac-Man has to stop them by playing with Dinky. Dinky shrugs, says "Whatever", and walks away. This intermission is played after round 9.
  6. More Young Ghosts?: Jr. Pac-Man and the Pac-Triplets all see Pinky's daughter and Clyde's son. Their names are Luv-Luv and Dum-Dum. Luv-Luv has a purple flower on her head and Dum-Dum has a blue-and-gray-polka-dotted propeller hat on his head. Both Luv-Luv and Dum-Dum proceed to play with Jr. Pac-Man and the Pac-Triplets. They all skip around the path and fall asleep under a tree. Even Yum-Yum and Dinky want to join in sleeping under the tree. This intermission is played after round 11 and every fourth board thereafter.


Mind that trike. - Eat 1 trike

Up, up, and away! - Eat 1 kite

I'm the best drummer in the world! - Eat 1 drum

Hot air to you! - Eat 1 balloon

Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! - Eat 1 train engine

Here, kitty, kitty. - Eat 1 cat

Beer is so good! - Eat 1 root beer

Milk from a cow. - Eat 1 baby bottle

Hear the music of the maracas! - Eat 1 baby rattle

The skater tuck! - Eat 1 skateboard

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C! - Eat 1 chocolate-chip cookie

They call this soothing? - Eat 1 baby pacifier

Mama, mama. - Eat 1 rag doll

Here come the boingers! - Eat 1 pogo stick

The child's start. - Complete round 1

Blinky's daughter is back. - Watch the first intermission

A very nice balloon is for you. - Watch the second intermission

The love is now forbidden. - Watch the third intermission

One, two, three. - Watch the fourth intermission

Another young ghost I suppose. - Watch the fifth intermission

The end of young Pac-Men and young ghosts. - Watch the sixth intermission

No more young blues. - Complete round 16

The young ghosts' demise? - Eat 16 ghosts in one stage

A better score. - Score 50,000 points

This score weighs a ton! - Score 100,000 points

Young marathon? - Score 150,000 points

The longest score in the universe! - Score 999,999,990 points

Young ghost master. - Eat 50 ghosts total

Young ghost slayer. - Eat 100 ghosts total

Young ghost destroyer. - Eat 500 ghosts total

Baby gets killed! - Get hit by the orange monster in round 4

Follower of the chomps. - Eat 350 bonus items total

The last level seems very babyish to me. - Complete round 256

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