• Slightly(Peter Pan)-Mowgli
  • Robin Hood and Little John(Robin Hood)-Baloo
  • Gizzmoduck(DuckTales/Darkwing Duck)-Bagheera
  • Tantor(Tarzan)-Colonel Hathi
  • King Julien(Madagascar)-King Louie
  • Liquidator(Darkwing Duck)-Kaa
  • Scarface(The Animals Of Farthing Woods)-Shere Khan
  • Alice(Alice In Wonderland)-Shanti
  • Stupid, Wheezy, Psycho, and Greasy(Who Framed Roger Rabbit)-Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzie the Vultures
  • Danya(The Legend of Tarzan)-Winifred
  • Jabari(The Legend of Tarzan)-Hathi Junior
  • Maurice(w/ Mort an as extra; Madagascar)-Flunkey Monkey
  • Lemurs(Madagascar)-The Bandar-Log Monkeys
  • Manny(Ice Age)-The Elephant whispering to Winifred
  • Papa Heffalump(The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)-The Elephant with 'Dusty Muzzle'
  • Wooly the Mammoth(Cats Don't Dance)-The Slob Elephant
  • Winifred's Uncle(Jungle Cubs)-The Battle Damaged Elephant
  • Horton(Horton Hears a Who! (2008)-The Elephant with 'Silly Grin'
  • Elephant Abu(Aladdin)-The Elephant with fly
  • Stuart the Elephant(Disney Marsupilami)-The Elephant with hair
  • Elephant in Soccer Game(Bedknobs and Broomsticks)-The Distracted Elephant
  • Eloise(Goliath II)-The Elephant with smashed nose after crash
  • Burt(The Penguins of Madagascar)-Buglar the Elephant
  • Antlepoe from Jungle Cubs(Red Dogs)-The Deer
  • Winston(Alpha & Omega)-Akela
  • Various Animated Dogs-The Wolf Councils
  • Balto-Rama (Father Wolf)
  • Jenna(Balto)-Raksha (Mother Wolf)
  • Kodi, Aleu, Saba and Dingo(Balto 2&3)-The Wolf Cubs
  • Baby Mowgli-himself

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