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  • Colonel Hathi as Garfield
  • Hathi Junior as Odie
  • Winifred as Arlene
  • Mowgli's Father as Jon
  • Mowgli's Mother as Liz
  • Mowgli as Orson
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Roy
  • Baloo as Wade
  • Ranjan as Booker
  • Flaps as Sheldon
  • Rama as Bo
  • Shanti as Lanolin
  • Bagheera as Plato
  • Shere Khan as The Weasel
  • Kaa as The Fox
  • Raksha as Penelope
  • Buzzie as Who the Dog
  • Ziggy as What the Dog
  • Dizzy as Where the Dog
  • Akela as Edward R. Furrow
  • More Coming Soon

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