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The Jungle Book/The Lion King is a parody with The Lion King sounds and The Jungle Book clips.


  • Mowgli as Simba
  • Shanti as Nala
  • Baloo as Timon
  • King Louie as Pumbaa
  • Mowgli & Ranjan's Father as Mufasa
  • Messua as Sarabi
  • Shere Khan as Scar
  • Winifred as Shenzi
  • Kaa as Banzai
  • Lucky the Vulture as Ed
  • Colonel Hathi as Rafiki
  • Bagheera as Zazu
  • Shanti's Mother as Sarafina
  • Raksha as Ma Meerkat
  • The Jungle Book Vultures as Uncle Max
  • Wildcat (from TaleSpin) as Iron Joe
  • Molly Cunningham (from TaleSpin) as Kiara
  • Kit Cloudkicher (from TaleSpin) as Kovu
  • Mahra the Badoon (from Jungle Cubs) as Zira
  • Cecil and Arthur (from Jungle Cubs) as Nuka
  • Leah the Wolf (from Jungle Cubs) as Vitani

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