&nbsp Thumper As Mowgli

Boboriki As Baloo

Sam The Lion As Bagheera

Ratbeard As Shere Khan

Cheese As Kaa

Mit As King Louie

Mimi Rabbit As Shanti

Sarge As Colonel Hathi

Sarge's Soliders As The Jungle Patrol

Scene Index:

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Sam Discovers Thumper
  3. Thumper & Sam Encounter Cheese
  4. "Colonel Sarge's March"
  5. Sam & Thumper's Arguement
  6. Thumper Meets Boboriki
  7. Thumper Meets Mit ("I Wanna Be Like You")
  8. Boboriki & Sam's Moonlight Talk
  9. Thumper Runs Away
  10. Ratbeard Arrives/Colonel Sarge's March (Reprise)
  11. Thumper & Cheese's Second Encounter/Trust In Me
  12. Cheese & Ratbeard's Conversation
  13. Thumper's Friends
  14. Thumper Meets Ratbeard
  15. Rat Fight
  16. Ending

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