Yeah. Baed on the movie The Jungle Book and SonicNagaClub's idea.

  • Sonic as Mowgli
  • Knuckles as Baloo
  • Silver as Bagheera
  • Mephiles as Shere Khan
  • Shadow as Kaa
  • Monkey Khan as King Louie
  • Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts as the other monkeys
  • Jet as Buzzie
  • Mighty as Flaps
  • Charmy as Ziggy
  • Espio as Dizzy
  • Random elephant characters as Colonel Hathi, Winifred, and Junior
  • Ezra as Mother Wolf
  • A random wolf man as Father Wolf
  • Random wolf children as the wolf cubs
  • Athair as Akela
  • Ray as Lucky
  • Tails as Ranjan
  • Amadeus and Rosemary as Ranjan's parents
  • Sally as Shanti
  • Alicia as Shanti's mother

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