CoolZDane's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of animal style 2003 sequel "The Jungle Book 2: Mowgli's Story".

new cast for:

  • Mowgli - Kimba the White Lion [Kimba the Lion Prince]
  • Baloo as himself
  • Bagheera as himself
  • Colonel Hathi as himself
  • Kaa as himself
  • Shere Khan as himself
  • Shanti - Faline [Bambi]
  • Buzzie - Zazu [The Lion King]
  • Flaps - Iago [Aladdin]
  • Ziggy - Timothy Q. Mouse [Dumbo]
  • Dizzie - Dr. Dawson [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • The Monkeys - Animals from Various Disney/Non-Disney films
  • Hathi, Jr. as himself
  • The Elephants - The Animals [Dumbo]
  • Ranjan - Young Simba [The Lion King]
  • Mowgli's Father Buldeo - Rafiki [The Lion King]
  • Ranjan's Mother Messua - Sarabi [The Lion King]
  • Shanti's Mother Nathoo - Sarafina [The Lion King]
  • The Villagers - Various Pride Land Animals [The Lion King]
  • Lucky - Sid [Ice Age]
  • M.C Monkey as himself
  • The Ancient Ruin Animals as themselves

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