The Justice Girls is a Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes spoof to The Justice Friends, another of the Dexter's Laboratory segments.


  1. Amethyst Giger as Major Glory (Grey Griffin)
  2. Charleigh Greene as Valhallen (Mae Whitman)
  3. Madeline Voorhees as Krunk (Lara Jill Miller)

Opening Script

  • Narrator: The Justice Girls - three of Pinewood's Longstocking students, joining forces onto one roof, to face the challenge of every day life.
  • (
  • Narrator: Starring, Amethyst Giger,
  • (
  • Narrator: Charleigh Greene,
  • (
  • Narrator: and Madeline Voorhees, in...
  • (
  • Narrator: The Justice Girls!
  • (

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