Main Characters

  1. Lily Is The Eldest Kitten.She Was White Kitten With Long Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes.She Wears A Red Collar.She Had A Crush On Jeff Squirrel.
  2. Fifi Is The Eldest Kitten.She Was A White Kitten With Long Purple Hair & Blue Eyes.She Wears A Violet Collar.She Had A French Accent.
  3. Clara Is The Eldest Kitten.She Was A Black & White Kitten
  4. Sally Is The Eldest Kitten.She Was Cream Kitten With Long Black Hair & Brown Eyes.She Wears A Purple Collar.
  5. Ana Is The African-American Kitten.She Was A Light Brown Kitten With Long Black Hair & Brown Eyes.She Wears A Black And White Collar.
  6. Amy Is The Middle Kitten.She Was A White Kitten With Long Auburn Hair & Green Eyes.She wears a red collar with diamonds.In animated or CGI,She Wears A Red Dress With White Lining With Red Boots With White Stripes,A Red Hairband And White Panties Like Amy Rose.
  7. Polly Is The Youngest Of The Kittens Sisters.She Was A White Kitten With Short Brown Hair & Purple Eyes.She Was Wearing A Aqua Collar.She Wears A White Blouse,Pink Vest,A Poodle Skirt,White Socks & Red Mary jane Shoes.
  8. Holly Is The Middle Kitten.She Was A White Kitten With Long Red Hair styled in a ponytail & Green Eyes.She wears a yellow collar.She Wears A Blue Dress,White Stockings & Black Mary jane Shoes.
  9. Gloria
  10. Fiona
  11. Penelope Is a France-Kitten,She was a
  12. Ariel
  13. Cindy
  14. Ella
  15. Gabriella is the Eldest Kitten and She is The Rival Of a girl skunk named Ashley who is a jerk of her love story boyfriend chipmunk,Alan Johnny Jr.
  16. Jenny
  17. Jane
  18. Penny Is The
  19. Brittany
  20. Eleanor
  21. Jen
  22. Samantha
  23. Clarie
  24. Rosie
  25. Rosette
  26. Rose
  27. Violet
  28. Pink
  29. Molly
  30. Katherine
  31. Bella
  32. Amy
  33. Holly
  34. Polly
  35. Clarice
  36. Babs
  37. Shirley
  38. Stephanie
  39. Hannah
  40. Rossette
  41. Britt
  42. Bethany
  43. Miller
  44. Gianna
  45. Gabrielle
  46. Diana
  47. Dana
  48. Ana
  49. Lola
  50. Lily
  51. Vanessa
  52. Ellie
  53. Jeanette
  54. Pearl
  55. Jewel
  56. Catherine
  57. Jan
  58. Therssa
  59. Marie
  60. Love
  61. Joy Is The Youngest Of The Kittens Sisters,She Is 1 In First Season,Then 5 Year Old In All Season
  62. Nellie
  63. Marissa
  64. Meilssa
  65. Mary
  66. Amelia
  67. Kelly
  68. Barbie
  69. Stacie
  70. Chelsea
  71. Dixie
  72. Laura Is The Middle Kitten.She Was A White Kitten With Long Red Hair And Green Eyes.She Wears A Blue Collar.She Wears Round Glasses And A Yellow Dress.
  73. Light Pink
  74. Dark Pink
  75. Pinga
  76. Julie
  77. Julia
  78. Juilet
  79. Queen
  80. Princess
  81. Rossetta
  82. Trixie
  83. Fawn Is The Eldest Kitten.She Was A Cream Kitten With Long Brown Hair And Brown Eyes.She Wears A Brown Collar.She Had A Best Friend Or Crush On Fiver Rabbit From Watership Down.She Voiced By Kelly Clarkson
  84. Iridessa
  85. Clarice
  86. Ana
  87. Tanya
  88. Britt
  89. Bethany
  90. Bimbette
  91. Lola
  92. Victoria
  93. La
  94. Fume
  95. Manny
  96. Curly
  97. Pretty is the youngst Kitten.She was small black with white spots Kitten.She was best Friend of Zinnia The Zebra
  98. Beauitful Is The Oldest Kitten.She Was White Kitten With Long Blonde/Brown Hair.She Wears A Pink Collar.She Had A Crush On Spencer Lionheart At The Party or a school prom.She Voiced By Tara Strong.
  99. Shaina
  100. Sara is the Middle Kitten.She Was White With Brown Spots Kitten With Long Brown Hair.She Wears A Yellow Collar.She Voiced By Anne Hathaway.
  101. Mia is the Chinese Kitten.She Was Black With White Spots Kitten With Long Black Hair & Black Eyes
  102. Amanda
  103. Caitin
  104. Calla
  105. Callie
  106. Camille
  107. Candace
  108. Cara
  109. Carissa
  110. Carly
  111. Carla
  112. Cassandra
  113. Cassidy
  114. Christina
  115. Chelsea
  116. Clara
  117. Eva
  118. Colette
  119. Corinne Is The
  120. Viveca
  121. Aramina Is The Smartest Girl Kitten In The Kittens Sisters.She Is The Middle Child Of The Kittens Sisters.She Wears Black Glasses In Both Series And Flim.In The School Play Episode,Her Boyfriend,Jack Jackal Is Playing By Cinderella's Prince Charming,But Her Teacher,Miss Mille Has Bad News She Talks His Mother And He Had Chicken Poxs.
  122. Renee
  123. Courtney
  124. Gisella
  125. Jenny
  126. Gracie
  127. Galina
  128. Sasha
  129. Cholena
  130. Teresa was The Middle Kitten.She was a White Cat with Long Red Hair & Green Eyes.She wears a blue collar.She wears round glasses & a black headband.
  131. Cynthia
  132. Alexandra
  133. Brianna
  134. Claudia
  135. Stacey
  136. Dawn
  137. Mary Anne
  138. Anna
  139. Ginger
  140. Belle
  141. Aurora
  142. Jasmine
  143. Rapunzel
  144. Cinderella
  145. Tiana
  146. Snow
  147. White
  148. Pocahontas
  149. Giselle
  150. Zoey
  151. Olivia
  152. Kitty Is Oldest Kitten.She Was A
  153. Bunnie
  154. Bunny Is The Oldest Of The Kittens Sisters.She Was A White Kitten With Long Blonde Hair & Brown Eyes.She Was Wearing A Aquamarine Collar Around Her Neck.
  155. Emily
  156. Abigail Is the Oldest Of The Kittens Sisters.
  157. Elizabeth
  158. Alisa
  159. Sagwa
  160. Madison
  161. Alexis
  162. Melody
  163. Rosa
  164. Rose
  165. Anika
  166. Kathy
  167. Other Girls Kittens
  168. Samantha-The Owner Of The Kittens Sisters.
  169. Mother Cat-The Mother Of The Kittens Sisters.She was a White Female Adult Cat Who Loved Her Children Very Much.
  170. Angelina Is a White Female Kitten With Long Blonde Hair Tied In Two Pigtails And Wears A Pink And Black Collar Around Her Neck.She Appears In The Kittens Sisters Babies And She Is The Kittens Sisters' Cousin.She Voiced By Cree Summer.
  171. Sabrina


  1. The Kittens Sisters' House Is Home To The Kittens Sisters',Their Mother And Samantha.The House Had Kitchen,Living Room,Basement,Bedroom,Backyard And Others.
  • Lily's Bedroom
  • Fifi's Bedroom
  • Clara's Bedroom
  • Sally's Bedroom
  • Ana's Bedroom
  • Amy's Bedroom
  • Polly's Bedroom

And Others

  1. The Animals School-CGI And Animated Only
  2. And Others

Season 1

  1. Beginning/We're Are Girls
  2. The Girls Club/

Spin-Offs Shows

  1. Around The World
  2. Mysteries
  3. The Kittens Sisters' Show

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