Kizmic or chestra

The Kizmic Orchestra or "Adam d'Auna" is a Swedish multi-genre band started in May 2006.

Early Stuff

The Kizmic Orchestra was first called : The d'Auna Orchestra and they were credited as The d'Auna Orchestra on three albums; Love is Blind - The Outtakes, The Last Androgyn and Love is Blind - Original Soundtrack.

The group contains four fantasy-members who does not exist at all, the only human member is the leader Adam d'Auna who performs all the instruments himself but give the band credit.

Ryhthm Guitar : Adam d'Auna (Founder)

Lead Guitar : Liza Jean (Fictional)

Bass Guitar : Billy Zif (Fictional)

Drums & Percussion : Jeanette Threehouse (Fictional)

Keyboards & Other : Maryam Curly (Fictional)


Love is Blind Front Cover(mini)

Love is Blind - The Outtakes

This album is widely known as the Orchestra's first full album. The album was dismissed by the Love is Blind (the movie) producer cause of its light-hearted sound and lushy tracks.

The cover is a pre-production poster from the Love is Blind movie On the top the "Original UMPC/UP Motion Picture Soundtrack" banner is visible. The banner was not taken away after the decision of not having the music in the film.


Soundtrack Cover Front LIB

Love is Blind - OST

This is the original soundtrack recorded for the movie "Love is Blind".

This soundtrack was recorded two weeks before the premiere of the final cut of the film, the first soundtrack "The Outtakes" was dismissed by Ultimate Picture and d'Auna had to write new tracks but "1978" made it to the film slightly changed. On the original cover a sticker saying: "The Weepers! Performing "Loving on the Edge" was placed. The song "Loving on the Edge" was first featured as the main title song but was rejected and the instrumental track is on the album instead. "The Weepers!" was a band d'Auna formed with classmate Marielle Lashley but they never recorded any songs.


The Last Androgyn -Front--mini-

The Last Androgyn

The Last Androgyn contains eight tracks from the Slightly Mad album which disappeared in 2006. The cover is historic because it shows the Kizmic sign for the first time ever. The sign is a compilation of an Ankh, a heart and the Gemini sign.

On the cover Adam d'Auna's name is the only one visible and this was because UMPC/UP Records wanted to focus mainly on Adam d'Auna and fire the fictional members of the original Orchestra.


Violet Beauty Xperiment

The Violet Beauty Xperiment

The Orchestra's fourth album is part one of three in the Xperiment Triogy. This Xperiment's genre is guitarjamming, 5 songs with only guitar in various soundtypes.

Boring? Yes the songs are boring but they are still numbers in the UMPC/UP catalouge. This is also the first album which the Orchestra is credited as Adam d'Auna & The Kizmic Orchestra.


Violet Butterfly Xperiment Front mini

The Violet Butterfly Xperiment

The second outing of three in the Xperiment series, this one is dedicated to every butterfly in the world. D'Auna once said "I'm a butterfly with broken wings who can't get home" and this feeling is present in the songs. This is d'Auna's personal favourite of the three Xperiment EP's. The song "Speed Feelings" is rumored to explain a brief relationship d'Auna once had but this hasn't been officially confirmed. "Expressionsinexperiencedexwife" is the longest title of a d'Auna song to date. The other two songs on the EP were recorded in 4 minutes.


Violet Parade Xperiment -mini-

The Violet Parade Xperiment

The third and last of the Violet Xperiment's recorded in 2007. Some say the song "Violet Parade Marchers" is a song d'Auna recorded in fury against the Emoband "MCR" which he dislikes. D'Auna's song is supposed to take away the Emogenre and bring back happysounding music. "The Little Bus Overture" is a recording recorded at the trainstation in Uppsala, Sweden. The sound of the EP is very much the same as the one on "The Last Androgyn", this is because it was recorded on the same machine as "TLA".

The Kizmic Orchestra Compilations

The Best of Xperiment Vol.1 [2007]

The Best of Xperiment Vol.2 [2007]

Greatest Hits [2007]

Adam d'Auna & The Kizmic Orchestra - The Ultimate Collection [TBA]

Adam d'Auna Solo Recordings

Crystal Eye [2006]

Battle of Time II [2006]

Erocoustix [2007]

Lovely... [2007]

Lovely Flower / The Violet Album [2007]

Lovely Flower - The Movie(Compilation) [2007]

Madame [2007]

Sheena [0ST] [2008]

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