The Konoha Bunch, taken from 'the Brady Bunch', is a group of people who have managed to squish themselves into what was originally a two-person house. Their name comes from the fact that most of the occupants of said house are ninja from Konoha.

Occupants and their Rooms

Below is a listing of the occupants of the house,a nd which rooms they reside in.

Master bedroom

Occupants: Iruka, Kakashi

Located: On the second floor, if you turn left, there will be a short hallway. The master bedrom is located at the end of this hall.

Description: The master bedroom has dark green walls, a king-sized bed and lots of candles for some strange reason. And stuffed animals. And clothes. And mess in general. But only on Iruka's side of the room. This is for two resons, First of all, Kakashi is inherently psychotic about neatness, so his side of the room must be pristinely orderly. Secondly, the white-haired ninja sneaks the rest of his mess over to Iruka's side of the room. Go figure.

Naruto's Room

Occupants: Naruto and sometimes Gaara

Located: When you go up the stairs to the second floor, turn right, and you'll be facing the door to Naruto's room.

Description: It's frightfully Naruto-like. At some point, I think that Iruka painted it orange. The most notable thing is that somehow, there is always a massive pile of empty ramen cups and Pocky boxes somewhere in the room, explained by the fact that teenage boys are ravenous creatures.

Naruto's bed, adorned with orange sheets with a blue Konoha leaf pattern, sits in the center of the room with the head against the wall. A few random scrolls and kunai lay scattered on the floor. In the corner near the door is a book case filled with manga and DVDs.

On the back wall (the one facing the door) is a window-door leading out to a balcony. Gaara often uses this balcony to sit and think.

'Guest' Bedroom

Occupants: Hinata, Ecoco

Location: If you walk up the stairs to the second floor and turn left, this room will be the second on the right, the first one being a bathroom.

Description: Lilac coloured walls with stars painted in silver paint running along the trim surround an airy sort of room. White lace curtains frame a large window that looks out onto the garden below. In essence, this room is pretty, girly, and probably supposed to be a child's bedroom. As it is, the occupants are 'the shy one' and the elementary schooler.

Guest Bedroom the Second

Occupants: Ayumu and sometimes Linda

Location: On the second floor, across from the 'guest bedroom'

Description: The actual guest bedroom... or at least, it was designed that way. It's painted in deep red colours with some maroon and gold mixed in. There is also a very cool lamp. There is a large desk and a comfortable single bed, as well as a futon on the floor. The desk is covered with school supplies, and the corner by the futon has a karaoke machine that is well stocked with CDs.


Occupants: Ecopenguins and sometimes Ecoco

Location: There's a set of stairs leading down from a door in the kitchen. Go down, and you'll be in the basement.

Description: Very few people come to this barren waste land, mostly because those who enter the territory of the ecopenguins are usually attacked with snowballs and other forms of icy warfare.

The Ever-Present Contents of the Fridge

Why is this section here? Only god knows.

  • Lots of ramen. Oodle and oodles of noodles, even
  • Ration bars. Because they were left over from Kakashi's last mission, and the damn things taste so bad that they just sit there.
  • Strawberries. Iruka likes them, and Ecoco does too.
  • Mayo. A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without it...
  • Pocky. Because Naruto and Gaara have developed an addiction.
  • Cheese. No list of foods is complete without cheese.

--Toast 14:52, 24 March 2006 (UTC)

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