Demonic Kython Horde


The Kythons are currently situated in between two mountain ranges, along the eastern edge of the country, "Lakshama". They live in a large underground cavern known as the "Burrows".



Government Arrangement

All Kythons follow the will of the current Slaughterking, "Ragnarock".

Economic Strength

Kythons care for nothing more than feasting and reproducing, and thus have no economy.

Military Arrangement

The current arrangement of the Kythons consists of a large group of main-stage Kythons, as well as a fair number of elite Warriors and Impalers, as well as the Slaughterking himself. The other current forms do not partake in combat outside the Burrows.

Government/Military Officials

The Slaughterking and his Slaymasters control the nes

Military Strength


Magic Level

Kythons hate magic with a passion, and actively seek out and destroy magical objects and users.


The Kythons were born when a small group of Fiends became trapped on the material plane by crusading paladins. Fearing that they might be forever stuck in this world, they decided to attempt and reproduce using magical means. For whatever reason, the spell cast backfired, creating malevolent beings reptilian and insectoid in appearance. The Kythons, as they came to be called, quickly devoured their creators, and rampaged through the country side like mindless killers. Soon however, the nearby villages rallied to defend themselves from this new threat, and caused the Kythons to retreat underground. Slowly, the Kythons matured, and as they grew in number, they started to evolve into more sleek and deadly forms. Finally, one very powerful Kython Warrior underwent an evolution so drastic that he gained psychic powers and immense strength. This behemoth known as the "Slaughterking" gained the control of the Kython horde, and systematically wiped out the nearby settlements while creating more room for his growing species.

Kythons are currently in the middle of an expansion, and are about to launch strikes against any towns in the vicinity.


Kythons are eyeless, and while they are unable to truly see, they can sense disturbances in the ground up to 120 feet away, allowing them a sort of blind-sight.

Current Forms

Main Stage

The Kython main stage is how most of the creatures spend their lives. It starts at their birth until they mature into Adult Kythons.

Kython, Broodling

Broodlings hatch from eggs laid by the hordes Slaymasters. They are not responsible for work around the Burrows, but instead roam around in packs, eating whatever they can. The Slaymasters are in charge of keeping them in line, and are able to do so telepathically. They never leave the nest unless instructed, and their food source is provided by war parties of Warrior Kythons.


They are small, about the size of a domesticated dog, stand on two tiny legs, have a long whip-like tail, and a vicious eyeless head with large jaws with razor sharp teeth capable of ripping a mans arm off.

Kython, Juvenile

After a few months, the Broodlings start to change forms and become larger and stronger, gaining an exoskeleton as well. They gain a pair of arms, and start to go out on hunts with war parties. By this time, they are already stronger and faster than a normal human. At times, a Juvenile may not grow on to become an Adult, and thus grows into a Slaymaster.


Medium sized, slightly shorter than a human, still having a long whip-like tail, now with a spiked barb on the end. They now have a pair of arms with claws capable of ripping through flesh with ease. Their jaws have grown wider, allowing them to make bite attacks with more efficiency.

Kython, Adult

After about a year in the Juvenile stage, Kythons start to grow taller and stand upright. They then sprout another pair of arms, still with the deadly claws, while they loose their tail. Most Kythons stop growing at this point, while some grow on and gain an aspect.


Now slightly larger than a human, they stand upright (while hunched over a bit) and now have 2 pairs of arms. While without a tail, they are still quite effective at dealing with a human, and can make use of simple tools.

Other Forms/Aspects

Kythons may gain an aspect and evolve further during certain points in their Main Stage lifetimes. (Incomplete!)

Kython, Slaymaster

The Slaymasters rule over the nest with an iron hand. They loose their arms, and their body starts morphing, as such they resemble snakes when they have developed. Slaymasters posses a psychic skill much like that of the Slaughterking, although no where near as powerful, and use this skill to rule over the lesser Kythons in the nest. Slaymasters are also the only ones who can lay eggs, and can mate with any Adult Kython, usually laying 20-30 eggs after 6 months of pregnancy. Not only are they able to communicate with other Kythons, they are also able to gain information from them by "mind-reading" and can pass on different genetic traits onto their children based on information received.


They now look much like snakes, and no longer have "tails" or arms. They still have a large jaw with enough force behind it to rip a man in two.

Kython, Slaughterking

A very rare Kython, as only one currently exists. They are a special breed, possessing a much greater intelligence and advanced psychic (dormant) powers. They resemble an Adult Kython in stature, but are much larger and more muscular. A Slaughterking could easily wipe out a small army with little effort, with his strong hide deflecting most attacks, although a dedicated attack could mortally wound this behemoth.


Much like the Adult Kython it started as, it has 4 arms and a very muscular build. It stands much taller than an Adult Kython however, and has much larger and more detailed features than its smaller kin. Its mouth is able to open extremely wide, allowing it to swallow many things whole.

Kython, Impaler/Baneling

A semi-common variant of main stage Kython, the only major difference between the two is what main stage they spawn from. Impalers are Adult Kythons that have developed their arms into blade-like weapons, while Banelings are Juvenile Kythons whose arms have started changing in the same way. Banelings dont have the extra two arms that their older siblings do, but their tail has grown much larger and has a larger bladed edge on the end of it, much like a halberd. With these weapon like appendages, they are much more deadly against fleshy opponents, and are able to easily tear them limb from limb.


Impalers look like Adults with two scythe-like bladed arms, and two spear-like arms of the same length. They use them to great efficiency when dealing with single opponents. Banelings on the other hand have the same scythe-like arms, as well as a long bladed tail, which they can use as an effective area weapon. They are also much faster, and can charge opponents quicker than most can react.

Kython, Warrior

Another semi-common variant, these are the storm troopers of the Kython horde. They are able to use bone weaponry, created from their own bodies, to attack their opponents. Common items used include:

  • Bone Blade - a two hand edged weapon effective in hand to hand combat, can be used in conjunction with a shield or another blade.
  • Bone Sword - a huge bladed weapon, requiring all hands be used to wield it. Causes great damage against multiple opponents.
  • Bone Spear - another large two handed weapon, useful at a medium range, and can be used with a shield.
  • Bone Shield - a circular plate of bone, used to ward off attacks.


Warriors look like Adults, with a little more muscle and a smaller head. They are often seen carrying different weaponry.

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