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  • Ali as Belle
  • Littlefoot as Prince Adam
  • Bron as The Beast
  • Mr. Thicknose as Lumiere
  • Shorty as Cogsworth
  • Ducky as Mrs. Potts
  • Tinysauruses as Chip
  • Littlefoot's Grandfarther as Maurice
  • Littlefoot's Grandmother as The Wardrobe
  • Rhett as Human Lumiere
  • Topsy as Human Cogsworth
  • Littlefoot's Mother as Human Mrs. Potts
  • Chomper as Human Chip
  • The other dinosaurs and flyers as The Enchanted Objects
  • Petrie, Spike, Mo and Guido as The Kids
  • Rooter as Phillpe
  • Cera as Angelique
  • Ruby as The Featherduster
  • Red Claw as Gaston
  • Mama Fast Biter, Screech and Thud, Ozzy and Strut Hyp, Mutt and Nod as Lefou
  • Kron (from Disney's Dinosaur) as Monsieur D'Arque
  • Velociraptors, Deinonychuses, Utahraptors, Dromaeosauruses, Unquillosaurs, Allosauruses, Giganotosaurus, Spinosauruses, Baryonyxes, Metriacanthosaurus, Albertosaurus, Tyrannosauruses, Mosasaurus, Elasmosaurus, Liopleurodon, Deinosuchuses, Sarcosuchus, Icky and Dil as The Villagers (aka The Angry Mob)
  • Megalodon as Gaston's Horse
  • Sharpteeth Ladies as The Bimbettes
  • T-Rex and Ceratosaurs and Carnotaurs and Velociraptors (from Disney's Fantasia and Dinosaur) as The Wolves
  • Sharptooth as Forte
  • Hidden Runner as Fife

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