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  • Ali as Cinderella
  • Tria as The Fairy Godmother
  • Littlefoot as Prince Charming
  • Bron as The King
  • Littlefoot's Mother as The King's Wife
  • Guido as The Grand Duke
  • Chomper as Jaq
  • Petrie as Gus
  • Ducky as Mary Mouse
  • Shorty as Bruno
  • Rhett as Horse
  • Cera, Spike, Ruby and Mo as The Kids
  • Dinah/Dana as Anastasia
  • The Other Dinosaurs and Flyers as The Other Characters (from Cinderella)
  • Dil as Lady Tremaine
  • Red Claw as Lucifer
  • Icky as Drisella
  • Mama Fast Biter, Screech and Thud, Ozzy and Strut, Velociraptors, Deinonychus, Utahraptors, Dromaeosaurus, Unquillosaurus, Allosauruses, Giganotosaurus, Spinosauruses, Baryonyxes, Metriacanthosaurus, Albertosaurus, Tyrannosauruses, Mosasaurus, Elasmosaurus, Liopleurodon, Megalodon, Deinosuchuses, Sarcosuchus as Lady Tremaine's Minions

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