Version 1 

  • Grandpa Longneck as The BFG
  • Littlefoot as Sophie
  • Sharptooth as The Fleshlumpeater
  • Red Claw as The Bloodbottler
  • Screech as The Meatdripper
  • Thud as The Childchewer
  • Allosaurus as The Bonecruncher
  • Giganotosaurus as The Gizzardgulper
  • Moutain Sharptooth as The Maidmasher
  • Biggest Sharptooth as The Manhugger
  • Sharptooth Swimmer as The Butcher Boy
  • Grandma Longneck as The Queen Of England
  • Old One as Mary
  • Topsy and Mr Thicknose as The Heads Of The Army and The Airforce
  • Scuttle as Mr Tibbs
  • Dil as Mrs Clonkers
  • Pterano as The Sergeant
  • Tickles as The Red Mouse
  • The BFG's Dream Bottles as Themsalves

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