The Land Before Time is a UK VHS. This was Distributed by Universal Pictures in 1997.


The Land Before Time is the story of a magical journey that begins long ago when dinosaurs roamed a land threatened by earthquakes and volcanoes. A young brontosaurus named Littlefoot, suddenly finding himself all alone, sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley, a land of lush vegetarian where dinosaurs can thrive and live in peace. Along the way he meets four young dinosaurs - Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie - each a member of a different dinosaur family. during their journey to the Great Valley, they encounter incredible adventures and obstacles and learn unforgettable lessons about life and what it means to stick together. Presented by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and directed by Don Bluth, The Land Before Time is a classic tale of hope, survival and love.


  • Voices: Gabriel Damon as Littlefoot, Candace Hutson as Cera, Bill Erwin as Grandpa Longneck, Helen Shaver as Littlefoot's Mother, Burke Byrnes as Daddy Topps, Frank Welker as Sharptooth, Pat Hingle as Rooter, Judith Barsi as Ducky, Will Ryan as Petrie, Pat Buttram as The Grey-Nose and Hal Smith as The Fat Crown-Head.
  • Narrated by Pat Hingle.
  • Release Date: 3rd October 1997.
  • Distributed by Universal Pictures

Opening Previews (UK)

  1. VCI Ident (voiceover: "VCI presents some of the most popular children's characters available to buy on video.")
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine Promo
  3. Fourways Farms Promo
  4. Sooty and Co. Promo
  5. My Christmas Play Rhymes and Songs Promo
  6. Tots Video Promo
  7. The BFG Promo
  8. Video overview
  9. "New for '97" overview
  10. Closed Captions Screens
  11. CIC Video 1994 Warning Screen
  12. Coming to a Cinema Near You
  13. Peter Pan trailer
  14. Earthbound Promotional Video trailer
  15. An American Tail trailer
  16. Casper trailer
  17. Donkey Kong 64 trailer
  18. The Lion King trailer
  19. The Flintstones trailer
  20. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh trailer
  21. Ren and Stimpy - The Classics trailer
  22. Muppet Treasure Island trailer
  23. Bambi trailer
  24. The Santa Clause trailer
  25. McDonald's Oliver and Dodger Ornaments Commercial 1988
  26. The Jungle Book trailer
  27. Coming Soon from Jim Henson Video
  28. Muppet Fairy Tales trailer
  29. Muppet Sing-Along It's Not Easy Being Green trailer
  30. Universal Studios Hollywood/Florida Promo
  31. The Ragdoll Shop advert
  32. Stay Tuned
  33. U rating screen
  34. Universal Pictures logo (1990-1997)
  35. Universal logo (1963-1990)
  36. The Land Before Time Opening
  37. First few seconds of The Land Before Time

Closing Previews (UK)

  1. Last few seconds of The Land Before Time
  2. The Land Before Time Closing
  3. a Don Bluth film
  4. Produced by Sullivan Bluth Studios
  5. Amblin Entertainment logo
  6. The Land Before Time (1988) Pizza Hut Commerical
  7. Walt Disney Classics 1995 Preview
  8. Disney Videos 1995 Preview - Aladdin's Arabian Adventures, Winnie the Pooh - A.A. Milne’s original tales, The Playtime Series and Growing up with Pooh, Disney's Sing-Along Songs, The Little Mermaid - Ariel’s Early Adventures and Disney's Storybook Favourites
  9. A Muppet Moment (The Great Gonzo)
  10. Pinocchio trailer
  11. Jim Henson Video logo
  12. The Muppet Movie Preview
  13. The Great Muppet Caper Preview
  14. It's The Muppets Preview
  15. Muppets Sing Along Billy Bunny's Animal Songs Preview
  16. CIC Video 1994 Warning Scroll


  1. Littlefoot and Cera was playing in the swamp with bubbles and catching frogs in 6 minutes.
  2. Littlefoot and Cera run from the T-rex and hit his foot.
  3. Sharptooth to attack during the volcano scene.
  4. Spike being led to follow them with berries.
  5. This is when Cera realises that judging others by their species is not the best thing to do. Ducky is told by the gray-noses that she can drink because she is like them, but the others cannot, so the group moves on to find their own food.
  6. Littlefoot said, he said "Now we'll always be together".


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