The Land Before Time (Sonic Style)

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Based on the movie The Land Before Time and my brother's idea.

  • Sonic as Littlefoot
  • Amy as Cera
  • Cheese as Spike
  • Cream as Ducky
  • Tails as Petrie
  • Queen Aleena as Littlefoot's Mother
  • Uncle Chuck and a random hedgehog woman as Littlefoot's Grandparents
  • Locke as Cera's Father
  • Lara-Lee as Tria
  • Random echidna characters as Dana and Dinah
  • My best friend SuperMissle's characters James and Joseph and Vanilla as Spike and Ducky's Family
  • Rosemary and random fox characters as Petrie's Family
  • Espio as Rooter
  • Ray as The Little Dinosaur with The Cherry
  • Random T-Rex characters from Sonic and The Secret rings as The Sharpteeth
  • Tikal as Hyp
  • Tikal's Father as Hyp's Father
  • Sally as Ali
  • Alicia as Ali's Mother
  • Mickey Mouse as Himself (cameo)
  • Donald Duck as Himself (cameo)
  • Goofy as Himself (cameo)
  • Knuckles as Thomas the Tank Engine (cameo)

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