• Ducky: Daa da dee do da da da do... < Littlefoot laughs > Don't still crack when you fall right to back ! < laughs, then growling was heard > My stomach is talking.
  • Littlefoot: Mine too. Hmph, I don't know tastes looks like. Aaaaaah !
  • Ducky: This tree talking.
  • Littlefoot: No, it isn't !
  • Ducky: You shouldn't eat talkin' trees, no, no, no.
  • Littlefoot was still pulled by wiggling like a branch and Petrie turns black !
  • Petrie: Waaaaaaaaaooooooooh !
  • Ducky: < laughs >
  • Littlefoot: Aaaaaaaaahhhh !
  • And finally...
  • Petrie: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !
  • SMASH !!
  • Ducky: Who are you, huh?
  • Petrie: My name is Petrie.
  • Ducky: < laughs > Petrie, huh? Funny name, ha, ha!
  • Petrie: I, I, I flied?!
  • Ducky: No... you falled.
  • Petrie: I falled ! < crying >
  • Ducky: But you can fly, but we can't climb up there !
  • Littlefoot: But, you are flyer. Not a faller.
  • Petrie: I make a fly. < growls >
  • Littlefoot: I guess we can is we can do it.
  • Ducky: You can't do allright.
  • End of scene.

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