Secret is a 13 episode series created by The Land of Teletoon Productions detailing the summer between the ~Motto~ and the Dance Break season. It is a bit more mature than the TV seasons, and looks to develop each of the Ten friends romantically. And the Teletoon House is a Underwater House.


  1. Playing the Hip-Hop Scratches ~ Mo' Money's Secret
  2. Love Connection ~ Kwame and Isabella's Secret
  3. The Amblin Entertainment Problem ~ Dot Warner's Secret
  4. Kissing Contest ~ Candace and Mo' Money's Secret
  5. Find the Honey ~ C Bear's Secret
  6. Girl Trouble ~ Candace's Secret
  7. Sour Note Guitar ~ Phineas' Secret
  8. Not So Fast ~ Roz's Secret
  9. Hip Hop Scratches Songs ~ Gerald Martin Johanssen and Mo' Money's Secret
  10. The Book ~ Kwame's Secret
  11. Pop Star Girl ~ Isabella's Secret
  12. Nickelodeon Island Mania ~ Gerald Martin Johanssen's Secret
  13. Made in Fox Kids Land ~ C Bear and Kwame's Secret

Production Companies

  1. Secret Production Committee
  2. The Land of Teletoon Productions
  3. Treehouse TV
  4. CTV
  5. Nelvana
  6. Scratchpad Wikia Originals

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