Spe-Films Spoof Of The 3rd Sequel "The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause"                                                           The Larry Clause 3 The Escape Clause                                                                                                                           Cast: Scott Calvin-Roddy (Flushed Away), Santa Clause-Larry The Cucumber (Veggietales), Mrs. Clause-Petunia (Veggietales), Laura Miller-Mrs. Brisby (The Secret Of nimh), Dr. Neil Miller-Basil (The Great Mouse Detective), Teenage Charlie Calvin-Bernard (The Rescuers), Lucy Miller-Olivia Flavershem (The Great mouse Detective), Curtis-Oliver (Oliver And Company), Jack Frost-Cat R. Waul (An American Tail: Fievel Goes West),  Bud Newman-Papa Mousekwhitz (An American Tail), Sylvia Newman-Mama Mousekewhitz (An American Tail), Dr. Hesmis-Fidgel (321 Penguins), Trish-Laura Carrot (Veggietales), Mother Nature-Madame Blueberry (Veggietales), Father Time-Mordecai (Veggietales Esther), Easter Bunny-Young Thumper (Bambi), Cupid-Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story) Tooth Fairy-Rex (Toy Story), Sandman-Jimmy gourd (Veggietales)

Other Casts:

Police Officers-Grasshoppers (A Bugs Life),

Jack Frost As Santa Clause-Cliff Vandercave (The Flintstones)

Jack Frost (Good)-Streaky (Krypto The Superdog)

Adult Curtis-Danny (Cats Dont dance)

Santa Clause Elf-Junior Asparagus (Veggietales)

Carpenter Elf-Percy Pea (Veggietales),

Voices Of Elves-Peas (Veggietales)

Glenda-Dot (A Bugs Life)

Pamela-Cynthia Brisby (Nimh)

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