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The Last Acception of Wallace (or simply titled Troubled Wallace) is a mini-series that used to be a 330 minute movie that was cut shorter for 11 episodes. The movies features a mischevious character named Wallace Pork. Only two episodes were seen once due to both of them feature several racial steryotypical comments by Wallace.


This movie features a 16-year old boy named Wallace Pork who just moved from Westleville to Wuckleland. In there, he features alot of troubles from different characters.


  • Taylor Lautner as Wallace Pork/Wallace Eguu: The main character of the show who just moved from Westleville to Wuckleland. He planns to turn Wuckleland into Wallaceland when he becomes 18. Wallace was a German-American boy who was kidnapped by filthy rats until at the age of 6, he was kidnapped by pirates and was adopted by 1960 parents and became a Hispanic-German.
  • Will Smith as Pedro: Wallace's deceased friend from 1991. He died from a serious case of laryngitis and suicide.
  • Samuel Vincent as Harry: A hustling 8-year old.

Guest stars

  • Alexis Rhodes
  • Ren Hoek - voice of John Kricfalusi
  • Stimpy J. Cat - voice of Billy West
  • Bart Simpson - voice of Nancy Cartwright
  • Schroeder - voice of Jake T. Austin
  • Joe Agate - another Taylor Lautner voice
  • Charlie Brown - voice of Peter Robbins
  • Syrus Trusedale - voice of Dan Green
  • Chumley Huffington
  • Bastin Misawa
  • Apu - voice of Hank Azaria

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