The Last Mission to Enter as The Final Part of KND...Father, on 2008

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is a plan of last, to gets Delightful Children's Cake for the villains of KND as...Father! in 2008.

Wedding Guest Monsters from Rita & Zedd, in 2008

Fowl Play
Return of An Old Friend
Enter...The Lizzinator
Football Season
The Green Dream
Putty on the Brain
Welcome to Venus Island
GrumbleBee (Episode)
Second Chance
I, Eye Guy
Foul Play in the Sky
Borgslayer (Episode)

For the Greatest Villanous Surpriser as Master Hand & Crazy Hand, Tabuu & Ridley in for...rtgoh1, to become one of KND World of the Year 2008 into Become Enter...Brawl

Master Hand and Crazy Hand

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